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Jul 18, 2012 11:44 AM

Kosher Catering for Wedding


I am trying to plan my wedding in Miami and I'm having issues budgeting for catering. I am not observant but about 40% of the guests are. We would like to have an open bar as well as some hr devours.. I wish we could do it dairy instead of fleshyik (my future mother in law look like she wanted to kill me after I said that). I figure plating the food instead of the buffet would also help (I already called one and he said buffet 92 dollars a person with no hor devours(?)). If anyone has been to a wedding miami and can help suggest someone let me know or has any idea how much it would cost.

Help me!

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  1. I am not recommending any one particular caterer but like any other service one is looking for you have to "interview" them. As a professional event planner I always outsource to three vendors to get bids and to have discussions on their philosophy - sometimes chemistry plays an important part in choosing one. The other thing you should know is that buffets cost much more than plated meals since one cannot detemine who will eat what they have to produce much more food. With a plated meal you will "guarantee" a certain number of heads so they know exactly what their costs are and can price accordingly. Here is listing on Kosher caterers in the Miami area. And tell your future mother -in-law that dairy can be very elegant and tasty!! :) Good luck!!

    1. If you have a flexible venue, you can use one of the koshe markets. They all do catering. In general they are going to be less expensive than a dedicated caterer, but you will have to do a bit more work. Some venues have prearranged limitation of who you can use for catering. Premier catering at the Aventura tunberry Jewish center was the caterer for my children's bar and bat mitzvot and my daughter's wedding. I have nothing but praise on their quality. They will discuss your budget. Aroma kosher market has been consistently good as a market-caterer option

      1. This is somewhat off topic, but just in case anyone is interested, there is now glatt kosher grass-fed beef available at 352.566.8586. They're a central Florida based butcher that markets for a number of Florida grass-fed farms and are probably the first to offer kosher grass-fed beef.

        1. You should also post on kosher site as well

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