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Jul 18, 2012 11:33 AM

calabro impasata ricotta

can someone help me find this ricotta?? i been looking all over the place for from chelsea mass, please i need this for the homemade gnocci, nothing comes close to the way the gnocci comes out with this ricotta..anyone??

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    1. Why don't you contact them directly:

      Calabro Cheese Corp.
      580 Coe Avenue
      P.O. Box 120186
      East Haven, CT 06512

      Salvatore Calabro
      (203) 469-1311

      (203) 469-6929


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      1. re: StriperGuy

        i did but i dont need 1000lbs thats the smallest order..:(((

        1. re: beefas

          1000 pounds the smallest order? What grocery store could sell that amount? This doesn't make sense.

          Also, aren't they able to at least tell you which stores sell their cheese?

          1. re: Allstonian

            Single grocery stores, no, but those that have more than one location, yes.

            1. re: wyogal

              I know stop and shop sells calabro, not sure if they sell the specific one you're looking for.

          2. re: beefas

            I meant contact them directly so they could tell you what retailers carry their products.

        2. Calabro Ricotta is sold at Whole Foods in Newton at the Beacon & Walnut location. I would call to be sure since its been a few months since I've bought it there.

          1. Never seen the Ricota Impasta, although they might have the regular containers, but McKinnon's was the only local store which ordered basket cheese from either Calabro or Supreme in RI for me out of season. I know they didn't order a whole case at the time because it was well past Easter but can't remember which supplier I asked for (overall I prefer calabro, but supreme's basket cheese is quite good). Sessa's nearby also carries some products from Calabro, but wouldn't do the special order for me.

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            1. re: itaunas

              which stop n shop has this?? which town??, i checked everett no go!!!!

            2. yea, go to Bob's in Medford. ciao.

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              1. re: twinky101

                found it,,thk you all for posting..