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Green Market Suggestions and Lunch Near To Union Square

I am travelling to New York from out of town to take my thirty year old nephew and his wife to lunch (they live on the UES). We plan to visit the green market at Union Square. I would appreciate any suggestions of stands to visit at the green market.

More importantly, I need some suggestions for restaurants within a very short walk of Union Square. I would like to pay about $40.00 per person for food only (wine/beer, tax and tip not included). We would prefer food from countries west of India or dim sum.

Thank you so much for any help you can offer.

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  1. Love the Green Market -- was just there minutes ago...

    Which stands are there depends on which day you go...it's M, W, Fri, and Sat, w/ some stands there multiple days and others there one day a week...and, it depends on whether you'll be refrigerating things soon after buying (i.e. i buy a lot of fresh scallops there, but even w/ some free ice, you won't be buying those and then going to lunch)...

    Some of my favorites are the Finnish rye bread people (Fri and Sat), various cheesemongers esp the pecorino place and the tiny one staffed by two French girls the name of which i dn't know, the Two Guys From Woodbridge for sunflower greens and fresh basil...and the pheasant sausage/poultry place (Saturday only)...and the smoked trout guy (only Wednesday) and the various egg places...

    I'm not a fan of the various non-organic veggie/fruit places (i'm not eating pesticide-sprayed peaches even if they are local) nor the Bread Alone stand...

    For lunch very close by, i'm afraid, despite being a resident of Union Square, i don't have a single restaurant in my top 25 that is within 3 or 4 blocks...but i'm sure others will chime in...

    1. As Simon says below it really depends what day you plan to visit. There is an info booth with maps and they also will have a chalkboard highlighting best/most interesting products of the day. The market is smallest on Mondays and biggest on Saturdays.

      I'd recommend lunch at ABC Kitchen afterwards. Make a brunch reservation if it's for Saturday.

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        i like ABC Kitchen -- their chicken salad is especially yummy

      2. You could also try Gramercy Tavern for lunch. It's just 4 blocks north of the Greenmarket.

        1. Tocqueville, one of our favorite restaurants, is down the block from the market, on 15th St., b/t Union Sq. W. and 5th Av (closer to 5th). The menus reflect the fact that much of their produce comes from the market. Since it is Restaurant Week, their normally $29 3-course lunch prix-fixe is marked down to $24.07. They also offer a 3-course Market Menu for $39 at lunch. Service is always very attentive, and the dining room is one of the most beautiful in the city.

          Menus can be viewed here: http://tocquevillerestaurant.com/them....

          Photos of our most recent lunch at Tocqueville: http://www.flickr.com/photos/11863391...


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            I totally agree with the Tocqueville recommendation. Lunch at Gotham Bar and Grill should definitely be considered too. Still a delicious option.

          2. We love Union Square Cafe, which is obviously very close by.


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              We love USC as well. However, I didn't recommend it because I think it may be difficult to keep within Uncle Al's budget.


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                I think $40 per person for food only at lunch time at USC is doable.

            2. If you are here in the next couple of weeks, during Restaurant Week, Tamarind (indian food) has an excellent menu. The food was very good. Multiole options for each course. Pretty spot. A five minute walk to the Green Mkt. Menu was $24, i think.

              1. Are there particular things you're looking for at the market? My personal favorites sell heirloom plants, scrapple and a few hard-to-find vegetables, but it all depends on which day you intend on visiting. Just a short walk away, you can get lunch at Aldea, Barbounia or Mari Vanna for something different.

                1. Can't comment on the stands but there is Laut Malaysian just off the park on 27'th street,cozy,inexpensive and a little different for that neighborhood.

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                    I prefer the green market on less crowded days - it's kind of a mob on Saturdays. Good if you like a scene, I guess. My recommendations are to go early and take your time combing through the market. The serendipity of what's in season and what looks especially delicious is what makes it so much fun.
                    If you go on a weekday I recommend the rotisserie duck at Momofuku Ssam bar. You order at the counter, but you can also get the delicious pork buns and stay well within your budget. It's a few blocks away, but worth the walk to get something unusual.

                  2. Thank you all for your terrific suggestions. Since I am from out of town I will not be carrying back any produce. But, hopefully, the kids will be shopping and bring lots of stuff home. I will certainly check out the pecorino place and buy some of that for myself.

                    Concerning the restaurants, there are a lot of really good options noted. In addition to what you have suggested I am also considering Peryali and Maialino.

                    Thank you again for your kind efforts.

                    1. Lunch Places:

                      ABC Kitchen
                      Gramercy Tavern
                      Union Square Cafe
                      BLT Fish Shack
                      Basta Pasta
                      Dos Toros
                      Num Pang
                      Casa Mono