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Culinary Lavender

Does anyone know where I can find some culinary lavender? I want to make the sweet lavender scones from Bon Appetit.

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  1. Atlantic Spice Co., Truro has lavender. Their prices are reasonable and they ship very quickly. Just make sure you check "culinary" grade.


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      Atlantic recommends their #1 grade for culinary use. It's $6.60 for 8 oz.

    2. I believe I got some a couple years ago from the Syrian Grocery on Shawmut Ave in the South End

      1. They have it at Penzey's, but you have to ask for it. They keep it behind the ciunter for some reason.

        1. There is no lavender that is culinary per se... it is all edible.

          Heck, why by the dried stuff? Just walk around my neighborhood in Belmont, folks have bushes of the stuff planted. You could pick an ounce or two and noone would even notice. You don't need a ton.

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            Yeah, I grow my own and gladly share it with friends/neighbors. Love to make lavender sugar for scones or sugar cookies.

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              It might be too late. I cut my lavender to dry a few weeks ago. Supposedly you need to dry lavender before it blooms to retain the most fragrance.

              (I've got something called "dilly dilly." not sure of it's origin but I'm a little disappointed with its fragrance - gotta plant some of the English stuff.)

            2. Thank you all. I, too, have lavender growing in my garden. But I grow the Hidcote variety because it has the deepest purple buds. However, according to what I've read, the only lavender you would use for culinary purposes are the English lavender and Provence varieties. They have lower camphor and resin and therefore don't taste like perfume. I would imagine that any lavender labeled as "culinary" would be one of those varieties.

              I do appreciate all your suggestions! Thank you!

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                Learn something new every day. Did a bit of googling though and plenty of folks seem to thing Hidcote is fine to eat...

              2. yea, go to WF or any place where they specialize in selling spices, like Penzey's in Arlington, or just go to Cardullo's in HVd Sq., or pretty much any good market, as I said WF, or other gourmet shoppes. Where are you located?

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