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Jul 18, 2012 08:17 AM

Sit Down Spot for Dessert tonight near Pearl or GCT

My parents are in town and after hitting up the Yankee game today (where we hopefully don't die from the heat) I'm planning for us to go to dinner at Pearl. I would love to find a nice place to linger over some tasty dessert either nearby or near Grand Central (they will leave from there). I know Pearl has great sundaes and cobbler but they also rush a little bit. I'm fine with that during the meal but they parents like to end with coffee, wine etc and chat. Obviously we will not be dressed up coming from the game. Any ideas for a place to end with dessert and wine? I'm drawing a complete blank for some reason.

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  1. Sweet Revenge is very close. You could also go around the corner to Rocco for cannoli. Both of these offer table service IIRC.

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      Thanks Kathryn! We actually ended up staying at Pearl since the crazy storm meant less crowds and it was quite relaxed...Not to mention the glorious butterscotch praline sundae.