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Jul 18, 2012 08:13 AM

The Tip Tap Room

Went last night to check out the Tip Tap Room by Brian Poe (Poe's Kitchen at the Rattlesnake)

VERY unimpressive.

I guess I just don't get it. They have a menu based around the worst cut of meat, chewy tips.
The steak tips were like a wad of bazooka bubble gum being stuck in your cheek, and the turkey tips were on the dry side. The only nice elements of both dishes were the beds of fixing that came with each.

They also have burgers, but it doesn't make sense. If I read the menu right, it appears they just take the same tips and put them on a roll.

Save for the fact the menu wasn't too expensive, this was just not enjoyable.

The only highlight was that they have a great selection of beers on draught and bottled, and the pricing wasn't insane.

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  1. I completely agree, but I'll add the bed of potatoes were nasty. And for $14 you should get more. Also, the bartender seemed a bit disinterested and lacked knowledge of the various items on the menu.

      1. Those "pommes puree" (as Slim put it) are gross. Wallpaper paste at best. Both the olive one and whichever one came with the lamb, same consistency. I would assume they were instant potatoes if the decor and price point of the place didn't suggest otherwise.

        Lamb tips were OK and cooked correctly, better than what I bitched about from Back Deck a few weeks ago. They had a nice charred taste up front but it didn't overpower. The swordfish tips were tasty.

        I want to like this place but I can't forgive those damn "potatoes", they were awful. We also had the fried goat cheese balls with duck fat fried prosciutto which were (for some strange reason) also served with asparagus covered in ginger/carrot puree, i.e. carrot baby food. Too much goin on. The brahzhute and cheeseballs were great though.

        As for the beer list... well they were out of a bunch of stuff. There were some winners on there (Hennepin, Orval, Green Flash) but also a lot of tap space taken up by the likes of Sam, Diet Sam, Heineken, Amstel, Blue Moon, etc... I don't know if I've ever in my life seen someone order a Heineken draft.

        There is positively NFW this place would oust Waterfront Cafe as my tips and good beer choice. I do hope they get their shit together though, they did a nice job inside the atmosphere is inviting.