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Jul 18, 2012 07:15 AM

Take out in Worcester, or between Newton and Worcester

Driving from Newton to Worcester for dinner tonight, and would love to find some good takeout to bring with me. Any ideas? Open to all cuisines.

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  1. How about one of the sichuan places on Route 9?

    1. Seems like a good opportunity to hit Westborough Korean Restaurant. Probably want to be strategic about the order (ie, good traveling grub).

      1. I would second Westborough Korean, but I agree you'd need to be strategic.

        There's Eo Noodles in Framingham ... but I don't know if you're trying to go for fancy? Are you bringing something to contribute to a group dinner?

        You'll also pass by Wegman's. I haven't tried it myself, but I hear their take-out section rocks.

        1. I would definitely hit up Szechuan Gourmet. It's on the westbound side of Rt 9 in Framingham, right on your way. Wegman's certainly has alot of options, although I'm not sure exactly what type of food your are looking for. Their sushi rolls are fresh and servicable. I shop there a couple of times a month, but haven't tried much of the prepared food there.

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          1. re: Science Chick

            oh man. do szechuan gourmet, maybe:

            ?? & sour wonton soup for two (4)
            v..steamed vegetable dumplings (11)
            spicy fried chicken wings (15)
            v..scallion pancake (22)
            v..bamboo shoots with sesame (36) or spicy wonder (37) sauce
            dan dan noodles (26)
            v..spicy cucumber with fresh garlic (house specials)
            v.. peapod stem with garlic (house specials)
            v.. shredded potato w/ sour cabbage (house specials)
            old szechuan chicken (78) or sichuan kung bao chicken (82)
            v..spinach with garlic (93)
            v..fried tofu w/ chinese cabbage in spicy sauce (96)
            fish fillets with napa cabbage in a spicy chili sauce (54)
            sliced cumin flavored tender lamb (66a)
            v.. chinese eggplant with yu xiang (91)
            pan fried noodles (109)

            Zha Jiang Noodle Soup with Pork & Spicy Sauce??
            green bean noodles in chili sauce??
   bok choy??

            v..good for vegetarians.

            obviously a fan.

            1. re: hyde

              ok got my mouth watering and I'm nowhere near there today....D*mn you!!