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Jul 18, 2012 07:02 AM

Island Creek Oyster: Lobster Roll or Roe Noodles

Going tonight and I am very torn between these two very different dishes. any help!?

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  1. Both?

    Otherwise, I can't comment on the Roll, but the Noodles were a standout dish for 2011 for me and that was a damned good eating year.

    1. Didn't love the lobster roll. Then again I had it in was more of a lobster salad than lobster meat. Rather go to Artbar or Legal Harborside for a lobster roll.

      1. I hate the lobster roll. The thick rosemary brioche is a stupid choice for the bread and completely blows out the lobster. Why can't we get over brioche? Also, too much filler with the lobster for my taste.