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Jul 18, 2012 06:42 AM

Brazilian Food Near Marlborough?

Hi all, just started a new job in Marlborough and noticed on a few of my drives into work that there are a few Brazilian stores in the town as well as a bunch of Brazilians working in our company cafeteria. This begs the question, are there any good Brazilian eateries/restaurants in the Marlborough area? I'm looking primarily for a lunch place as an alternative to our cafeteria, but would welcome any suggestions to expand my knowledge of the area.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. There are a plethora of Brazilian places and Brazilian owned, like Welly's. I prefer the bakeries for their many snacks like the cheese balls and kibbee. The one on 20 east just before Target is pretty good. Tropical Cafe downtown I can't speak for but thr Framingham location is good.Look for the landscapers trucks. Eat where the target population eats.

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      Thanks! Welly's looks more like American food unless there's off-menu options, so will give Tropical a shot to start. Appreciate the heads up!

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        That is the original Tropical Cafe, before they added Lloyd's cafe and their current Hollis St location, and more recently one on Broadway in Everett (before the rotary). I am a fan of their "caldos" and porcoes (in Brazil bar food, although they don't serve drinks in Marlborough). They also serve a "prato executivo" or "prato feito" which basically is a large serving with one or more protein selection (beef, chicken, meat of the day), but if you have someone to share with could also check out the rabada or feijoada. Its pretty simple food, but they did a good job when they opened and have a nice selection. A few others I know are Delana's Bakery and Pao Brasil Bakery (also in Framingham) -- which serves a full lunch, but there are more bakeries. One restaurant closed a while back due to a fire so not certain about a full service churrascaria, but there should be a few smaller ones around. Its not uncommon for a bakery to serve a "prato feito" too, so if you are happy with meat/rice/beans/potato/salad/egg those can be economical lunch options.

      2. Thanks everyone! Haven't tried Tropical Cafe yet as it might be difficult to drag some of my coworkers there, but tried Pruller's and Labareda which were pretty good. Thanks Itaunas for the recos as well - I didn't know what to order, so a primer is helpful!