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Jul 18, 2012 04:36 AM

New Steakhouse, Raw Bar Coming to Wakefield

From the Wakefield Patch, this morning:
"Slated to open in Wakefield in September of 2012 is a new joint venture of a restaurant: Laurie's 9:09 Steakhouse and Raw Bar.
The new eatery will be a mix of fine dining - think oysters, steak, lobsters and crab cakes - a full bar, and fun entertainment, including live music, trivia and other games.
The restaurant will be located at 33 Tuttle Street, the location of the former Cafe Jag's.

The incoming Tuttle Street restaurant is a joint venture between a Wakefield resident and a Stoneham resident. "

Sounds promising, but we'll see how they deliver on the promises.

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  1. Sept's almost over.. has it opened and has anyone been here? I coudnt open the menus on the website but got a lunch menu up on google..unch items sounded somewhat promising. i'm especially wondering about brunch. we could use a musical brunch around here..