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Jul 17, 2012 10:32 PM

Sunday Evening dinner in Edmonton

My husband and I have our first wedding anniversary coming up in a few weeks. It happens to fall on a Sunday, and we were planning to have a nice meal, but out top choices (Zinc, Blue Pear, Hardware Grill, ) are closed on Sundays.

If necessary we could celebrate another night, but we both work in restaurants, and would rather not take a Friday or Saturday night off work if we can help it.

Anyone have any suggestions as to where we might dine on a Sunday night that has a nice wine list and gluten free foods available. Preference would be to more central restaurants since we will be cabbing it and we live in Old Strathcona.

Wildflower Grill seems like a good choice, but any other suggestions are welcome!

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    1. Corso 32 is also open on Sundays

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        +1 for Red Ox. How is Madison's of late?? What about The Marc?

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          The Marc is closed on Sundays - never noticed this issue until this question came up.
          Madison's is ok food, but there are better options in my opinion. I have also never been impressed by the service at Madison's.

        1. If the event is in "a few weeks" it may be tough to get into corso32. Perhaps Sunday would be easier than other nights.

          I will throw in another recommendation for Sabor wife and I ate there recently for the 2nd time and it was even better than the 1st. Get the calamari, chorizo, and white bean puree appetizer if you like seafood. (The calamari in this dish is not fried.)

          1. Gluten-free is one of the key issues here. I have celiac so I understand eating out without gluten, cross contamination and so on. I have eaten at the following each many times. Be sure to call 24 hours in advance. The most gluten-free friendly spots I have encountered in Edmonton are:

            Wildflower Grill - they are very aware and knowledgable. They actually have a GF brioche in the bread service! One of the best spots in Edmonton as far as GF is concerned.
            Madison's Grill - every time I have been there my dietary restrictions have been catered to without any problems. Service has been discreet and attentive. They have rice cakes should you wish to eat beef tartare, for example. They really know what they are doing.
            corso32 - aware BUT the menu is very limited for GF.
            And, my very favourite, Red Ox Inn. They are also very aware and do everything they can to prevent CC. Superb food and service.

            The above places have made me feel very "safe" yet do not draw attention to the celiac issue (I despise that).