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Jul 17, 2012 10:28 PM

Vegas Trip Report

Just got back from two nights in Vegas.

Went to Public House (Venetian), Sage (Aria) and Robuchon (MGM)

Public House was terrific. You must have the charcuterie. We had:

Duck Rillettes
Rabbit and pork loin sausage
Country pate
Strawberry gazpacho

The Poutine was wonderful: French Fries, Cheese curds, Duck Confit and gravy. Wow, that was tasty!! The curds a bit salty, but overall what a great combination. The Duck Rillettes were also outstanding, and a good size portion too. In general, it was all good. Nice beer list too. My only complaint is the cheese selection is too small. They only had two to choose between. Dessert was Strawberry gazpacho, with a white chocolate "bowl" floating in it filled with additional sliced berries. Also quite tasty.

Sage was as you would expect -- good combinations of tasty food. Was it my favorite meal ever? No, it was not. But I'd go back. As for the food, my only real comment is a warning: The Foie Gras Custard is too big a portion for something so rich. Enjoyed it but could not finish it. Only order one and split it. Big plus: We brought a nice bottle of wine and let the sommelier try it. Not only did he waive the corkage fee, but he also gave us each a glass of dessert wine as well. Ambiance was nice but spoiled by the ball-cap, shorts and flip flop crowd since they don't seem to have a dress code. However, the people watching was kind of fun; all the older men with dates young enough to be their daughters.

Robuchon (the main one, not L'Atelier) was a hit. Food was fine, the bread cart and cheese cart outstanding and fun. Ambiance and service was terrific. The staff was fun & friendly, we had a good time with them. They also waived half our corkage fee after letting them taste our wines. I don't know that the food was any better than Sage and therefore am not sure it was worth all that extra money on that basis, but the overall experience was definitely a couple of steps up!

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  1. Thanks for the report. Public House wasn't on my radar screen but based on your comments it probably should be. Out of curiosity, do you remember what the corkage fee was at Robuchon? We frequently do BYO in Vegas and I'm always interested in hearing about other people's BYO experiences.

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      Sage has a corkage of $35
      Robuchon is $100
      Atelier at Robuchon is $35

      To be more complete, we started at Robuchon with glasses of champagne, then a bottle of white off their list. We then opened two bottles we brought, a 58 Margaux Bordeaux and a 73 Heredia Rioja. We finished with glasses of grappa (not very good grappa, was disappointing for the price and restaurant to serve have it.) We let the sommelier taste both of our bottles. While not complaining about half off, corkage should have been waived entirely, in my opinion.

      At Sage we started with glasses of white wine, then ordered a bottle of white. Opened my 85 Guigal Hermitage and let the sommelier taste it. The corkage was waived and we got free glasses of dessert wine. Much better treatment!

    2. When I dined at Robuchon in March there was a family (mother/father/2 young children) all dining in shorts and flip-flops. I almost laughed, and then realized that the family must be so rich that they don't need to observe any dress code. Agree with you that the food at Robuchon is no better than Sage (I actually preferred the food at Sage, but agree that the whole experience at Robuchon does put Robuchon at a higher level). I had the tasting menu at Sage, and my foie gras brulee must have been a smaller portion, but I finished it with great ease. Definitely will return to both Sage and Robuchon on my next visit to LV.

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      1. re: ellenost

        Hmm, we did the tasting menu as well, so maybe our tolerance for rich food is less than yours.
        As to flip-flops -- wealth does not always mean class