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Jul 17, 2012 09:49 PM

Happy hour in downtown/belltown + best neighbourhood (if you have to pick one!!)

We are in Seattle next weekend for only 48 hours and staying at the Pan Pacific. We were going to do some restaurant/bar hopping in the downtown/belltown area on Friday night. We are also interested in learning more about happy hour and were thinking of hitting List or Branzino's. For dinner we are considering the Coterie Room, more because of the space than the food.
Any tips on happy hour?
Also, Capitol Hill, Fremont or Ballard on the Saturday for coffee/books/shopping. I'm leaning toward Fremont because it's closer than Ballard and seems to have a good mix of coffee/shopping/food all withing walking distance of each other.
We were going to go to Capitol Hill on the Saturday night but have been a bit put off by the block party. Quinn's is in the block party so we can't get there unless we buy tickets.
One last question - is it worth taking a taxi to Petit Toulouse? The idea of French/Cajun is very appealing.
Thanks very much!!

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  1. Not a huge fan of Toulouse. Breakfast is pretty good, but all the lunch/dinner offerings sound better on paper than they actually are. They end up being a lot of big flavors slapped together and a mess of tastes.

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      Completely agree. It's overhyped at best.

    2. Tavolata in Belltown for happy hour. Branzino is fine but nowhere near as good as Tavolata. Some days they are packed almost immediately and others they aren't--I can't figure out the pattern--but I'd go early (near 5) just in case. They let you sit outside, which is nice.

      If you are talking about HH at TP, get there at (or before) it starts. I've never been because the couple times I tried, they were already full (and people were waiting) shortly after it started.

      1. I like Toulouse Petit, but a couple of tips help. Get there shortly before the Happy Hour starting time (it starts at 4, so show up 10 or 15 minutes before then). It will be nearly empty. Pick a booth as far away from the bar and as close to the dining area as possible. The bar fills up rapidly, and it gets loud, but if you are seated on the outer edge of the bar, it will remain possible to converse without difficulty. By 5 pm the bar will be full, and your stomachs will be as well.

        TP's happy hour is a great value, a fun room, and very close to the attractions at Seattle Center, including the great new Chilhuly Glass & Gardens exhibit, not to mention all the other spots up Queen Anne Hill.

        If you go, don't miss the gumbo....