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Best olives ever!

Hi. My husband loves olives, and his birthday is right around the corner. Can I get you olive lovers to give me some hints and tips about what you like about your favorite olives? I know he loves the green olives, but he loves the black also. Any feedback would be appreciated! We live in the Los Angeles area, but I am willing to send away for them if they are that good!

Thank you! Lisle

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  1. Whole Foods on San Vicente in Brentwood has a beautiful selection of olives. I am sure that they are not the only store in the chain to offer this fine selection. They are quite willing to mix and match green and black olives and also let you taste different varieties. Good luck and happy birthday wishes to your husband,

    1. Try browsing the selection at La Espanola (purveyor of imported Spanish foods) in Harbor City.

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        +1 on La Espanola. The olive mix that comes with the samdwiches is exceptional. It cam be purchased in bulk. It is somewhat perishable so only get what can be consumed in a week.

      2. dunno what area you live in, but i sure liked the olives i've purchased at the deli counter at Papa Cristo's.

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          Agree about Papa Cristo's. Great selection. In my neighborhood, WF works.

        2. I recommend Graber Olives in the can, available in most supermarkets.
          Read more about them at Graberolives.com
          However, the olives I love most are from Greece -- kalamata.

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            I also love the Graber olives and have found them only at Jon's Markets. They were about $6.00/can when we last purchased them a couple of months ago. They are unlike other olives I have had because they are not salty or oily and the green olives taste black.

            You can visit the Graber House and perhaps see them in production:


            If you go to the Graber House, they have a gift shop where you can purchase their various olives. Reservations are recommended, so call ahead to see when they are open.

          2. Monsieur Marcel's in the 3rd Street Farmer's Market has my vote.

            1. Guidi Marcello
              1649 10th St
              Santa Monica, CA 90404
              Neighborhood: Santa Monica
              (310) 452-6277

              Recommend Castelvetranos from Sicily - just an absolutely terrific olive.

              1. Try the ascolane olive. As quoted from a New York Times article: "But chances are, you've never heard of the olive tenere ascolane, deemed by the Roman writer Pliny the Elder to be the finest of them all. "

                That line alone got me convinced. I heard about them recently after wondering why Thomas Keller was so specific about the type of olive needed for his Crispy Braised Chicken Thighs with Olives, Lemon, and Fennel recipe. If its good enough for Keller, its good enough for me. :)

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                  You've piqued my interest. Where do you buy ascolane olives?

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                    Good question. This recent article may be of general interest to the olive lovers following this thread: http://www.oliveoiltimes.com/reviews-...

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                      Found some for sale online, but nothing local that I see: http://www.farawayfoods.com/rdaolives...