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Jul 17, 2012 08:39 PM

Decent dinner take-out/delivery around Vol. Park (Cap Hill) area

Any suggestions for decent, relatively inexpensive take-out or delivery around 16th & Aloha? I have hungry board members needing sustenance during an evening meeting and I just can't bring myself to order Pagliachi's again. Cheers.

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  1. Delivery options are poor at best. Rom Mai Thai has barely acceptable delivery, Big Mario's if your in the mood for pizza...

    Take out is easier; Regent Bakery has fairly good Cantonese cuisine. The hose special chow mien can be ordered crispy style very good IMHO. Plus they have many tasty Chinese baked goods which I adore.
    Jamjuree has very good if rather standard issue Thai food.
    Guanacos tacos for Salvadoran papusa.
    Honey Hole sandwiches.
    Taco Chukis or Rancho Bravo for tacos.
    Elliot Bay Cafe for salads and other "eat while sitting in the park food"

    I'm sure I'm forgetting something but there is a start.

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      Scratch Deli on 12th in the People's Republic of has excellent sandwiches

    2. Vios is close (approx. 19th & Aloha) and does take-out. I've only eaten there once so I'm not an expert on their food but the chicken souvlaki sandwich I had was fine. It's worth looking into I should think:

      1. A few to add to the list:
        LIttle Uncle for Thai on Madison between 15th & 16th. They only do take out.
        Marination Station for Korean tacos
        Teriyaki Madness

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          Thanks all! We've got a couple more of these meetings the rest of this summer, so I'll report back.