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Jul 17, 2012 08:38 PM

Grocery stores near near 32nd and Park?

I'm here in NYC for a couple months, staying near 32nd and Park. So far I've frequented the nearby Gristedes and Food Emporium, which have been disappointing to say the least! I was wondering what my other options are nearby. I am primarily in the need for produce and meat.


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  1. You are very close to H-Mart, a wonderfully stocked Korean market with a selection of quality meat and seafood as well as vegetables, though admittedly most items are more at home in an Asian kitchen. There are also a couple halal butchers on Lexington and 28th. If you have time to stop at the Union Square farmer's market, that'd be a great spot for fresh local vegetables.

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      Second Hmart (aka Han Ah Reum) on 32nd btw 5th and Broadway. I used to live across the street from HAR, and they served me well for most "everyday" kinds of things.

      For spices and such it's not too far a walk to Kalustyan's and/or Foods Of India.

      If you need some special occasion stuff - i.e. you want a place with an in-house butcher or fishmonger, or fancy cheeses, or produce for a fancier meal, Eataly isn't too far a walk. It's a mob scene in there, sure, but mostly browsers - the actual counters generally aren't that busy at all. Also, for cheeses, I think Artisanal (the restaurant) still has a retail cheese shop inside.

    2. Todaro Brothers on Second Avenue bet 32-31 is a long-standing family-owned source for quality Italian products--cheeses, pasta, oil, bread, salumi--but also decent produce, fresh meats and a small selection of seafood. One of the last of its kind. Sandwiches and prepared foods, too.

      1. That's kind of a no-man's-land for mainstream groceries. If you have the time, I'll second the Union Square recommendation for produce (a short subway or bus ride from your location) and note that there's also a Whole Foods there which would probably satisfy most of your produce/meat needs, too.