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Confections of a Rock Star Bakery in Asbury Park open yet?

About a month ago, we went to Toast for breakfast in Asbury Park when we saw that Bobby Flay was filming his new show , "3 days To Opening" . When we last drove by, it hasn't opened yet. Does anybody know if it has opened yet?

Address to Toast is:

516 Cookman Ave
asbury Park, NJ

Confections is a few doors down. Sorry I didn't get the address! Last I saw, the windows were covered in paper.


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    1. What establishment is this post about?

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        It's a bakery that's supposed to be opening in Asbury Park. Bobby Flay was out there filming "3 Days to Open".

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          Toast Confections? Can't find any links to it...

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            Nope... Confections of a Rock Star. Located near Toast in AP.

      2. http://www.foodnetwork.com/3-days-to-...

        The tv schedule is listed on the left of the page. No more info beyond that.

        1. She has a website, but no mention of a storefront that I can see, which leads me to believe they film 3 days before a few more months pass and they actually open...permit issues?


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            Curlz, you delay an opening to beyond October (when the crowds finally go away), you're going to have a hard time staying in business.

            Timing is everything in this life. Opening a business in Asbury in the offseason is a death knell with their rents and foot traffic down.

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              Totally agree with you...I was just speculating since the show is supposedly filmed 3 days before an opening!

          2. Can we get a few more bars in town, or did Mayor Johnson retire most of the liquor licenses that once were........not really interested in cupcakes and tarts....though a real good place and one that makes great chocolate would be welcomed - the Flaky Tart is a bit of a haul.

            1. My daughter and I drove by the bakery and saw that they were opened. We were excited to try this place prior to their debut on Bobby Flay's "3 days to Opening" show. But, after previewing their cupcakes, I was so disappointed that I barely the interior design of the place. (I think it's pink and white). They had a mural with well wishers' notes and signatures. They have a cupcake special where you buy 4 cupcakes and get the 5th tie dye cupcake for free. But, be prepared to spend up to $15 for 4. Cupcakes range from $3.25 to $3.75 each. We bought two cupcakes ( tie dye cupcake, and a chocolate cupcake with a chocolate confectionary CD on top). I was unimpressed. The cupcakes were simply hard and dry. The buttercream wasn't creamy. Simply put, this was disappointing. I expect a combination of the high price and Bobby Flay's influence that they would make a better product. Don't get me wrong, but I like Bobby Flay's restaurants. I really hope that they improve and I was just there on a bad day. I am always looking for a good bakery to go to and I'm still hoping that they are the one.

              Confections of a Rock Star Bakery
              550 Cookman Avenue
              Asbury Park, NJ

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                The restaurant finally opened on Aug. 4, and the Bobby Flay show ("3 Days to Open") about it was on Food Network on Friday, Aug. 17.

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                  If you are interested in watching the episode it's repeating several times on FN. The link I posted above lists the times/dates.

              2. so, i've lost track... are the cupcakes any good or what?

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                  Hopefully, I caught them on a bad day and they've improved since then. I have never complained about customer service. On the day I went, the woman behind the counter was friendly and answered any questions I had. If anybody else has been to this bakery after the show, please report back and let us know if the cupcakes improved. Thanks! :)

                2. I rarely watch the Food Network and from what I've seen I have no idea why Bobby Flay has become a celebrity, but I am curious about the idea of a bakery in AP. Is it a "real" bakery, i.e., bread, hard rolls, etc.? Or is it yet another throwback to 2005 selling only cupcakes? Frankly, I thought that trend was going away.

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                  1. MGZ, I think it is but a sweet confectionary, cashing in on the ridiculousness of 'cupcake mania' in this country. Personally, I've always disliked cupcakes. It's mindboggling as to the current focus on this inane product - the TV shows, the threads - it's a cupcake folks and more often than not, they suck. Give me a well made crumb bun; a fruit tart; a Napolean, a cheese danish, or something as plain as a scone.

                    For real 'treats' one goes to the 'Flaky Tart' - pure heaven.

                    But what I wouldn't do for a bakery that produced wonderful Kaiser rolls, artisan breads, ryes, semolinas etc.

                    1. After watching the show it occurs to me that the owners must have come up with the name first and decided that it would be cool to open a place using it. Her dad was a baker? She watched him? She and her friends could not have baked a frozen pizza before Mr. Flay showed up. Viewing the Food Network website and the comments following the broadcast it is obvious that the legions of friends that "Love" Kimmee and her partner have no clue that saying so in their "reviews" totally invalidate any objective comments regarding the quality of the product being served there. This and the comments posted here so far do not paint a rosy picture concerning the future of this "bakery."

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                        ^^ it also gives me a sore lack of respect for the show itself... imagine what's going on with the other establishments not within our little Central NJ world... but I digress

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                          At least Flay was forthright and up front about the flaws he encountered from the start. A total lack of experience at any type of baking by the owners, total non-familiarity with the kitchen facility, use of crappy ingredients and broken or non-functional equipment. Add in the bonus of an unlikable and profane owner and what's not to love?