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Jul 17, 2012 08:25 PM

Group of 10 Hungry Golfers in Scottsdale

hi everyone,

going to be heading to scottsdale in september with 10 college friends for a golf reunion. Looking for a great meal for after a long day enjoying golf. Casual, great local food, and ability to accomodate a large group is what we are looking for.

Please, any and all suggestions!

Many thanks

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  1. Where you playing golf?
    Lon's at the Hermosa is one of my faves..
    Los Olivos and have drinks at the Kaz wine bar..

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    1. re: Beach Chick

      I wouldn't say Lon's is casual. I have a few ideas but it'd help a lot to know what area of Scottsdale you'll be in, Scottsdale is long and skinny, over 20 miles long.

    2. If you're playing in North Scottsdale and want to hang in that area, there are plenty of casual dining chains around Scottsdale and the 101, for local flavor Cafe Bink at the Boulders, Mariposa at the Fairmount or any of the resort restaraunts would work. For burgers etc, CBCB near Grayhawk is pretty good. if you wanted ethnic, Persian Room is cool but might be a little pricey.
      Sapporo a little farther south is fun for teppan style Japanese and a party atmosphere.
      If you get down to Old Town, Citizen Public House, Eddie's or any of the stufff along Scottsdale Waterfront would suffice.

      1. i would say that indulge burgers in scottsdale would certainly fit the bill for you guys. great burgers, tv;s and a bar. not too expensive and great for a large group.