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Jul 17, 2012 07:05 PM

Monday lunch or dinner in August -- Carmel/Monterey?

I'm traveling up the coast with two out of state friends on a mini tour. What combination of comfort, service, food and atmosphere comes to your mind? I'll eat anything, but tend towards less-rich fare. Companions? not sure. Probably mid price range. Nothing over-the-top, but good solid enjoyable food. Wine list a plus but not critical. There used to be a very good restaurant on the Coast Guard pier years ago--anything worthy there now? How about Cafe Fina? I like Red House for lunch...Monday we'll be in town for lunch then dinner the following day.

thanks, hounds

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  1. tj, the CG Pier place is Massaro and Santos. Full disclosure, it's been a year since my last visit, but have been going there for years. It would be a great place for you and your guests to sample the local sand dabs complemented by a great view. Another good fish place is the Sandbar and Grill on the Municipal Pier.
    Dinner would be fun on the deck of the Mission Ranch...good food and pastoral view, ocean in the distance.

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      Demetra Cafe and La Bicyclette in downtown Carmel are both very good. It sounds like you went to Massaro and Santos on the CGP. We had a very nice lunch there recently, the offered 3 courses for around $13/pp. My entree was a fresh fish and was very nicely prepared. Another great place in Carmel is Terry's Lounge. We recently enjoyed dinner there and the food was very good. :)

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        this was back in the 80's--I want to say Daniel's ??

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          I don't remember the name, but yes, M & S had a predecessor at that Coast Guard pier. I'm sure you have read about Passionfish. I probably over hype it, but the wine list is superb and extremely well priced. The food is usually good and prices are fair. Not much ambience and often loud, it still is worth considering.

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        how's the weather been along the coast lately? been very foggy & "cool" here in SLO--thermo just edged up to 55 at 10:30 am. it was about 50 last eve. (thinking about deck dining. Too bad they're not open for lunch weekdays.

      3. Mundaka in Carmel covers a lot of bases for your range of needs and wants.

        1. May I suggest Il Vecchio? On Monday evenings they have a secial meal called L'Avventura in Cucina which sounds very reasonable and seems to hit the mark according to the following review:

          I have yet to take advantage of this offer but have eaten at Il Vecchio and the food, service, and wine wine list were all top notch, exceeding my expectations.

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            this place sounds terrific! thanks