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Jul 17, 2012 07:00 PM

Vegetarian Kimchi

I miss kimchi! I can't seem to find any vegetarian kimchi where I am living now. Do any of you have preferred brands/sources?

Also, I want to make my own! I was thinking of starting with this recipe:

Any advice? Do any of you make your own kimchi?

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    1. re: antennastoheaven

      Thanks! I'll keep an eye out for it if I'm ever in WA/OR. I wish they would mail-order.

    2. I make lacto fermented kimchi all the time. I use the NourishingTraditions recipe as a base, then go from there. It has no fish sauce in it, or at least I don't like it in there. Very easy.

      1. I actually used that recipe and canned it for x-mas presents this year. People who received it all seemed pretty pleased.

        1. Go to Whole Foods. Each region of Whole Foods has a different brand of local vegetarian kimchi in the refrigerated pickles or vegan/vegetarian area. I Googled the brand that I buy here, Zukes, but it's not showing up! Hmmm.

          1. is not too bad. There's an NY based brand (sold at Whole Foods, among other places) which also has some vegetarian versions. You can often find napa cabbage kimchi that's free of fish ingredients at Asian markets; just read the ingredients carefully.

            My wife has made her own sometimes; also a good way to go. In reference to the recipe above, a lot of traditional recipes have a paste made with sticky (glutinous) rice flour, and a bit of asian pear is often added also. I think both of these will help the fermentation process. For standard napa cabbage kimchi, I think this recipe would be a good starting point (just leaving out the fish sauce and dried / fresh shrimp):
            (love her other recipes too, including a lot of great Korean recipes that are vegetarian or easily adapted to be vegetarian).
            is another good source.