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Jul 17, 2012 06:26 PM

decent lunch in downtown edmonton

I need a decent lunch spot in downtown edmonton. no hotdog venders, food courts or food trucks please. looking for a place to sit down with a quality lunch menu. thanks.

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  1. Some of my "haunts" are:
    -Sorrentino's Downtown
    -Bistro Praha
    -Sabor Divino

    1. I highly recommend Sabor Divino and The Marc
      Bob's recommendations are all good and I would add Blue Plate and Moriarty's

      1. Yes to Sabor Divino, Bistro Praha and the Marc.

        Mrkt, Allegro, Free Press Bistro and Haweli also come to mind.

        If you tell us which part of downtown (and if you need walking distance or can drive), we can probably give you some specific answers to that area.

        1. right by rice howard way, but willing to walk/lrt if need be

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            It's All Greek to Me is right off of Rice Howard Way.

            The only one I would definitely remove from a list of those above is Sorrentino's. 100 is my least favourite out of all of the Century Group restaurants (though I haven't tried MKT yet) and would be at the bottom of my list out of all of these.