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Jul 17, 2012 06:19 PM

Eat The Street Kapolei

Just wanted to shout out a big THANK YOU to Camille's for showing up and providing the best food available of all the trucks (mahi mahi cooked perfectly and a very tasty kale salad). Also enjoyed the macarons, particularly because we were told the extra dollar for the chocolate coating was because they dipped in real North shore chocolate, and IT WAS. That chocolate has such a marvelous taste, and I'm so pleased the makers use local ingredients. On the down side, the BBQ wasn't BBQ; fatty, no reddish smoke ring. Meh! The "smoke meat [pork] and onions" was better.

The crowd seemed large and I hope everything sold out by the end so all of the vendors will come back soon and bring even more trucks. Admittedly, Kapolei needs more good food.

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  1. Thank you kindly!! I try to keep my bar high at this event despite the preference of the majority for fried foods. With the credible evidence that my generation will live longer than the next based on current eating trends I stay committed.... Such a pleasure meeting you!

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      Follow Camille's on Wheels on Twitter or FB and you can find her location without all the huge crowds/logistics of the Eat the Street events. I myself don't do well in mass hysteria so I've never been to one of the events. Camille even has chairs she sets out for guests! I was a bit confused though, who was serving the cookies and bad BBQ and who had the better smoked meat/onions?

      1. re: manomin

        Regrettably, I got no business cards. Mea culpa!

        1. re: Joebob

          But to make certain, the only food you had from Camille was her fish and kale right? The other stuff mentioned wasn't hers I'm thinking. I really like her quinoa/portbella mushroom tacos as well.

            1. re: russkar

              Yes it is! So are her key lime bars!

      2. re: meely

        Dear meely,

        I am being asked if I ate anything else made by you. I think I need your permission before I praise the circumstances of what else happened, if you remember them.



        1. re: meely

          Hey Meely,
          I had about 20 Makaha mango's for you 2 wks ago and forgot. Next thing I knew they were Mango Soup. Oops...

          1. re: russkar

            darn...thanks so much for thinking of me!!

        2. What disappoints me was that no one, no one, sells Huli-Huli chicken... :( Perhaps someone will think about it the next time around.

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          1. re: roro808

            Would it have to be in a truck? Is that a rule?

            1. re: Joebob

              Nope -- but it's a barbeque chicken that's popular locally. I am sure they can present it as one of the Eat the Street event.

              1. re: roro808

                It's probably because huli huli chicken is too normal. Everyone probably has a couple in the freezer from all the fundraisers year round. I think I still do.

                1. re: killersmile

                  Well, most of the food sold there were "normal" such as shaved ice, malasadas, barbeque beef , local grinds and the like. Mostly fair ground material with very few "specialty" trucks.

                  1. re: roro808

                    well if that's the case, then it is pretty disappointing that there was no huli huli chicken then.

            2. re: roro808

              they could sell various kinds of grilled chicken, but Huli-Huli is a trademarked name. It would have to be sold by Huli-Huli or endorsed by them. Same for Koala Moa.

            3. TONIGHT at 7:00 - "Diners Drive Ins & Dives"! Last 10 minutes Camille's is featured!

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              1. re: manomin

                She was actually in the first segment! Chicago & Charleston also had great places shown. We watched it at the Grove in Kailua and enjoyed some tasty flatbreads and killer brussels sprouts and $3.00 martini's. I even was in 2 shots and spoke!