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Jul 17, 2012 05:24 PM

3rd trip to glorious NOLA-Please advise on resto itinerary!

Fellow Hounds,

This will be the 3rd year running that I will be going to New Orleans. I quickly fell in love with the city after my first visit and am always planning my next trip. I'll be heading down in August (hot I know, but only time I have off!), and have planned to visit the following restaurants. Please let me know what you all think and feel free to make any amendments/comments! Still have a few open spots but not many!

Day 1:

- Acme oyster house for lunch (looking for lots of oysters!)
- Restaurant August for dinner (2nd time here, love Besh's food)

Day 2:

- Stanley's for bfast
- Possibly cochon butcher for lunch or Johnny's po-boys
- Dinner at Cochon

Day 3:

- Bfast at Luke
- Lunch at Parkway Bakery
- Dinner at Jacque Imo's

Day 4:

- Bfast: nothing planned yet
- Lunch at Borgne
- Dinner is still up in the air: possibly Domenica, GW fins, or KPauls Louisiana Kitchen

Day 5:

- Bfast:
- Lunch perhaps Mahonys for poboys
- Final dinner at Revolution (new place next to the Sonesta, friend knows chef personally)

So how does this look so far? Good choices or anything here way too touristy?


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  1. That is a very adventurous itinerary. You are a better person, than I am. "Three squares" in NOLA is beyond my abilities now.

    The only thing that I can comment on, would be your Day 4 dinner. If you have done several Besh restaurants, then I might lean toward G W Fins, or K'Paul's, for dinner. Domenica is good, and IS different, than the others, but the other two might offer a broader range of "local cuisine."

    For Day 4's breakfast, maybe The Original Coffeepot, or Camellia Grill? Perhaps do one, then the other on Day 5?

    Most of all, enjoy!


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    1. re: Bill Hunt

      Thanks for the reply Bill.

      I too am wondering if 3 square meals is a bit much for longer 18 unfortunately. Last time I was in Nola, I had a lot of Creole food and by the end of it I was looking for tacos and sushi! Hope it doesn't happen this time around.

      Was also thinking of Galatoire's but may need to save that for next year! I've heard the coffeepot is a little touristy although Camelia grill seems to be quite popular.

      I think the easiest thing for me to do would be to just move down to Nola permanently :)

      1. re: Bill Hunt

        I think GW Fins is a good choice--sort of a compromise candidate that is good on its own. I think oysters at Acme or Feliz are problematic at that time of year. If you love them and can't get them at home, well, maybe. But I cringe when I see a smallish oyster opened in the summer becuase I think how much better it would have been if allowed to grow and be harvested in December or January. But that genie is out of the bottle and it ain;t going back.

      2. I love ambitious iteneraries - but it does seem a little Besh heavy, for my taste - also, there are great deals for high end places at lunch during the summer, i feel you may be missing the boat by not swapping some of your dinner places for lunch.
        Coquette has a wonderful 3 cours prefix for $20 - Wednesdays are $5 glasses of wine (healthy pours, interesting selection that varies), Thursdays have $5 cocktails
        The food is great, and its not something I would miss on a trip of this length
        August is hit or miss for me, I've been a half dozen times, and I feel like you really get a better bang for your buck at lunch as well - the dinner tasting menu with pairings is nice, but not worth the price of admission imho
        I am a fan of Parkway/Johnnys/Mahoneys - but, if you're not staying for a couple of weeks, I prob wouldnt have this many poboys
        If you're looking for some sandwich diversification, go to a poboy shop one day, go to cochon butcher another, and look for a muffuletta another -
        Revolution should def. be slated in for dinner - they are hot right now, and the kitchen is on point.
        Haha - this is somewhat rambly, so my apologies...
        Having come to the city ALOT over the last several years, I understand your desire to hit as many meals as possible, including breakfasts - its def. easier said than done, and you'll find that even the best laid plans are disregarded after a few rich meals. If you are insistent upon breakfast, I suggest Surrey's - their corned beef/andouille hash, costarican breakfasts are awesome - and the fresh squeeze juices really hit the spot for me, especially when the humidity is kickin
        This is your trip, these are your tastebuds, so you get to pull the trigger - exciting stuff -

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        1. re: GDPhalp


          Thanks for taking the time. Great reply!

          I went to August for lunch last year and was very impressed, especially for the price. This year, wanted to try dinner out, perhaps even the tasting menu.

          I checked out Coquette, definitely my kind of menu. Lunch is another steal at 20$ so may have to make a change to my itinerary. Do you have any recs on good cocktail bars?

          Really looking forward to this trip.....but good thing my hotel has a gym. I'll have to be disciplined and make good use of it!

          1. re: topchef4LIFE

            When in town, I'll always hit up the following - Carousel Bar, the Swizzle Stick, Cure & Tonique for cocktails - they all mix some pretty mean libations - for less of a "cocktail experience" , I love to hit up Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop for a beer or 6, Molly's at the Market for my fav. bloody mary's & the napolean house for a pimms cup - also, incredibly refreshing in the summer heat

            1. re: topchef4LIFE

              I'd skip breakfast and have an early lunch taking advantage of one of the fine dining specials offered by:
              Emeria's, MiLa, Coquette, Commander's, August. There's a recent thread "Prix Fixe Lunches"
              Forget Jacques-Imos.
              Check out the COOLinary menus as well.
              GW Fins and Revolution are good choices.

          2. You might need a vacation when you leave NOLA if you eat three meals a day there. I would have dinner at Galatoire's, Emeril's and Clancy's before I left town. Enjoy your trip.