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Jul 17, 2012 05:21 PM

2 Dinners, 1/2 a day to myself, first time in Winnipeg...some questions

Hi Winnipeg hounds,

I'll be attending training in Winnipeg and staying at the Fairmont w no car.

This is my first visit to the city (I'm from Toronto) and I'd like to take in us much of the city as time permits in my down time. I'm craving a true Winnipeg food experience and would also love to visit any unique or terrific food or kitchen stores you might suggest.

I've read through the treads here and have some questions:

- Would The Forks be a good destination to combine my desire to see the city w my quest to eat something uniquely Winnipeg?

- I've read about Winnipeg's Greek burgers. If you only had 2 meals, would this be one of them? I don't need fancy, I just want to have something I wouldn't get at home. I feel I definitely need to get to Gunns & Tall Grass Prairie....would they be on your list given how limited my time is?

- I saw a TV programme about Deluca's Specialty Foods and it looked like a terrific spot and wondered whether this would be worth a taxi ride to check it out?

- What's a "Goog Special" from The Bridge Drive In.

-Is there a great restaurant in walking distance of the Fairmont that would be suitable for a solo diner (on a weeknight)?

Thanks in advance for your help!!

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  1. Goog Special...

    Can't believe I didn't try one when I lived in the area.

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      Wow, thanks KcM....I'd never have guesssed! I'd likely have to skip dinner if I tried one of those!

    2. For a Winnipeg Greek burger, VJs is not terribly far from your hotel--maybe a 10-minute walk south on Main Street. Winnipeg burgers are really just chili burgers, which probably exist in TO, but it's really up to you if you think it's worth the trip.

      I like Gunn's, but the quality of many of their baked goods has fallen. I still like their pizza bagels and fergasa bread, but their apple jacks are sparsely filled, and their knishes don't always taste fresh. Might be interesting to get some of their bagels and do a comparison with TO bagels.

      There's nothing at Deluca's that you can't get in TO. Not worth a taxi ride, for sure. They did just renovate recently, so it looks nicer, though.

      Within walking distance of the Fairmont, I'd probably do Tre Visi. There are some new-ish restaurants within walking distance (I'm thinking within 15 minutes, maybe?) that I haven't tried, yet, and haven't heard much about, but seem interesting. deer + almond is one, and the other is Arkadash. Peasant Cookery has decent food. I've heard Hermano's is good, but it doesn't seem very solo-diner friendly. I'd avoid Ivory.

      But if you can hop on a number 16 bus, I'd take it down to South Osborne and eat at Deseo. Solo-diner friendly (usually, though I'd call to make sure), and I've never had a bad meal there. I'd actually prefer Segovia in Osborne Village, but since it's tapas, it's less solo-diner friendly. The chefs at Segovia and Deseo are probably the two best chefs in Winnipeg.