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Jul 17, 2012 04:16 PM

Wok & Roll County Line Rd. Jackson?

Does anyone know if it's open yet? If so how was it?

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  1. This is all I could find.."Wok & Roll is located in Jackson at 537 Monmouth Rd Ste 171. They can be reached by calling (732) 928-0038 . Wok & Roll has a single review on MojoPages.com, and it's a negative review. "

    "Wok & Roll by Robin S. .....
    The food at Wok & Roll is certainly good, but I feel that there was a lot of usage of MSG and grease. Yes, the food is very taste-pleasing, but at the cost of a lot of unhealthy things. It is a good place to eat, but don't go too often."

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      Thanks, but that isn't it. This one is opening in the Cooks Landing shopping center across from ShopRite. Someone had said it was open, but I just found out it isn't. The number that you provided is the same one I have for the one opening in Cooks Landing (I have a coupon that was in the mail). I guess the same people are opening this one. I am going to go over there and have a peek inside today.

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          I drove by today and the sign is up. It says "Asian Fusion" on the building and "Wok & Roll" on the windows. I had a peek inside and saw some furniture and people having a meeting. The guy who appeared in charge smiled and waved hello to me lol. It looks like it should be opening soon!

    2. I'm attending a party there on August 12th so hopefully it's decent!

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        Wok &Roll Asian fusion is one of the best Chinese/Japanese/Thai restaurants that I had the pleasure to dine at with my wife and friends. The food was superb, we shared a lot of different dishes, and also experienced the sushi bar were everything was fresh and served by a courteous and friendly staff. The owner Frank is not only an accomplished chef, he makes sure that your dining experience is one that will keep you coming back. I know my friends and i will be weekly visitors to Wok & Roll Asian Fusion, it is well worth our ride from Toms River NJ.

      2. My husband drove by a few days ago and though there weren't any signs up in the windows, he saw a lot of cars so he tried the door. It was open... yey! We decided to try it out that night. The decor was nice and smelled very good. We decided to try our usual few things that we always try in any Chinese restaurant when we go the first time. We ordered the Barbequed Spare Ribs, Pork Fried Rice, Steamed Dumplings and the General Tso's Chicken. The ribs were GREAT... perfectly cooked, carmelized sauce, not too much not too litte and very little fat. The fried rice was the best I have had in a VERY long time. It had a great smoky taste and it wasn't greasy. The dumplings were bite size and not heavy on the dough which was nice. The General Tso's was actually very spicy (my husband always complains it isn't spicy enough, but this one was), the breading was nice and crispy and the sauce was delicious. All in all I was pleasantly surprised.

        The woman at the table next to us came over to us and asked how we liked everything because she said what they ordered was awful. She said they got the shrimp and lobster sauce it was too thin (she didn't mention how it tasted) and the wonton soup was made with beef broth which she didn't like.

        So I guess either it depends on what you order or your particular taste. We really liked it so we will be back.

        Oh and my husband asked the owner why there were no signs up saying they were open. She said they weren't quite ready for a grand opening. I am guessing they are still working out the kinks.

        1. Update: We just got take-out tonight and we were very disapointed. We got the General Tso's, Fried Rice, Steamed dumplings and this time Scallion Pancakes. The General Tso's and Fried rice were so good last week, but tonight... yuck! The General Tso's Chicken was a little tough, the breading was mushy and falling off and there was no spice. It was very bland actually. The fried rice was also VERY bland and this time there was little pork and a lot of peas and carrots (there were no peas and carrots in it last time. I don't like it in my fried rice, but that is a matter of personal preference). The dumplings were good. Now the scallion pancakes were soggy and dripping with grease. I am so disapointed. I thought we had finally gotten a gem here. I don't know if we will be trying again. They were EXTREMELY busy so maybe since it's new they couldn't keep up. I'm not sure. :/