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Jul 17, 2012 04:12 PM

Driving from Saguenay Quebec to Grand Manan Island - any recommendations?

Next week I'll be on a road trip starting in Toronto, headed to Saguenay Park in Quebec then to Grand Manan Island, essentially driving South along the Canada/Maine border.

I've never been out East, any recommendations for the New Brunswick portion of the journey? I love anything from favourite food trucks to local delicacies.

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  1. I wii never remember the name of this place, no luck w/Google but...
    In Black's Harbor where the GM ferry leaves from, was a fantastic place for fried haddock. It is not far before the terminal and had a big side porch. We ate there 3 times in 7 days.

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      Restaurant you speak of is called Silverking

      On Grand Manan, I recommend you check out Whale Cove Inn in North Head and McLaughlin's Wharf in Seal Cove for dinner (reservations strongly recommended) .....Also Harbour Gifts and Sailor's Landing for bkfst and lunch (Grand Harbour and North Head respectively) as well as Rose and Pops for lunch. Island Arts in North Head for coffee

      One last recommended stop is Harrington Cove Cottages in Deep Cove (southern end of the island) for tea and scones daily 2 pm - 330 pm Beautiful porch and one of the best views on the island. (due south with no landfall for 1700 miles (slightly west of San Juan, PR)