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Jul 17, 2012 02:35 PM

I don't understand the BLOG/ BLOGS dropdown [2012].

On the non-mobile site, from the top, L->R Videos. Recipes. Blogs. Chowhound. My Saved Boards.

Click directly on BLOGS: only get the latest article written by John Birdsall.

Select CHOW DAILY from the dropdown: a page of huge pictures, each followed by article briefs and a READ MORE link, ALL of the John Birdsall articles are incorporated here, also.

Select BEST OF CHOWHOUND from the dropdown: a page of 200 word mini-articles that are identified by a board. Currently: San Fran/Home Cooking/Boston/NYC then essentially repeat that list. Each article ends with a "Discuss" question. Of the 30 on the first 3 pages, only 5 have any comments at all, and none of those have more than 4 comments.

At the bottom of the page: L->R Videos. Recipes. Blogs. Discussion.
Under each, depending upon title length, there's a list of 4, 5, or 6 items under each. The Blogs list includes the same items from the BEST OF CHOWHOUND.

Here's the problem -- IMHO, these things aren't really blogS. yes, I suppose that the BLOG tab directs to ONE blog, written by Birdsall. How is a digest a blog? Are quickie articles, followed by a SNL Coffeetalk style "Discuss," are those blogs??

I really feel like there must be a bunch of content on CHOW that I'm just not accessing.
BloggerS I could be reading.
What am I doing incorrectly?

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  1. Hi Kris:

    "Blog" is an imperfect word for our written editorial content, for sure. But in the sense that a blog these days can mean a Web-based journal (the New York Times calls its online food page the Diner's Journal blog, for example) it's appropriate, if somewhat janky. CHOW Daily has other content, too: recipe features we feel have an editorial bent, like Chris Rochelle's recent (and amazing) ideas for creative campfire snacks.

    We see the posts under Best of Chowhound (formerly Digest) existing like that, too: As quick-to-read little abstracts of interesting discussion threads. They exist both for Chowhounds who might have missed them and as a seduction tool for non-hounds to check out the boards, maybe for the first time. They also make up the content in our email newsletters.

    In a way, the two feeds in the Blogs drop-down together are designed to give a sense of the entire (vast!) range of content on CHOW and Chowhound. Hope that adds some clarity!