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Jul 17, 2012 02:21 PM

Breakfast in Saratoga Springs, NY

My family especially enjoys breakfasts in Saratoga.

One favorite has been Country Corner Cafe. Very accomodating to a family of eight. Many choices on the menu, all prepared well. Good eating and they keep the coffee cups filled. Highly recommended.

Our other favorite was Beverley's, now closed. No more delicious vegetarian hash.

Over several days in Saratoga, we would like a choice in breakfast places in Saratoga or nearby that treat breakfast seriously as the above two cafes have done. Any recommendations?

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  1. If you're willing to venture to nearby Ballston Spa The Whistling Kettle and Iron Roost might be fun:

    Not too much about them on this Board.

    Are you sure Beverly's is closed? Found this:

    Have you tried Ravenous? Sperry's, Max London's, etc. serve brunch.

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      My mistake, I posted the wrong link. Beverly's is closed. Too bad, I never got there . . .

    2. Not to worry. The Turf Club, on the corner of Nelson Avenue and Union Avenue, has been running ads in the local papers touting that they have the breakfast guru from Beverly's on staff. And are open for breakfast. Since I live on Nelson Avenue, and get by there often, there are cars in the lot at breakfast time. And certainly, now that the track is imminent, it will continue. Have not eaten there, so have no recommendations. Here is the website

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      1. re: trakman

        Thanks, trakman. A Beverly's breakfast is in my future :)

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            Thanks, gerchak198. I had dinner there recently. Only place near where I was at on Nelson that was serving dinner around 9 pm. Just okay . . .

            I want to go check out their Beverly's breakfast :)

            1. re: gerchak198

              gerchak198, we enjoyed their breakfast.

              We've been twice for dinner and what bothers me is both times they served food that should not have left the kitchen. Burned grilled vegetables served burn side down and salmon slathered in sauce (to hide that it was bad?). If SO smelled it was bad at the table surely it must have had an odor when it was raw? Our server did take the salmon off the bill. And she was excellent.

          2. re: trakman

            Had "Breakfast with Beverly" on the porch recently. I had the homemade blackberry muffin served warm with rasberry butter and a side of turkey bacon and "gobble" sausage (patties not links if you're particular about that type of thing). SO had the baguette French toast and pork sausage. I tasted the French toast and it was delicious. Coffee was very good. Service was excellent. Will definitely go back for breakfast and maybe try lunch.