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Jul 17, 2012 02:13 PM

A researched trip to Portland, anything I have missed?

Hi all,

I am visiting Portland for 5 days in August, 5-10, with the sole aim to eat well and drink beer, oh and a bit of coffee too. I will no doubt need to post on the latter another time, but to kick things off I thought a quick run down of where I plan to eat and any thoughts on things I must try. Quick background, staying on SE Harrison and 30 something, travelling from the UK, two of us, like fine dining as well as burger/pizza etc (not that they can't be FD too), will have been to Vancouver and Seattle prior and off to SF after, so current list includes (in no order)

Pok Pok
Clyde Common (cocktails)
Podnahs (no real bbq this side of the Atlantic so keen to try some)
Ned Ludd and or Wildwood (for the quintessential PNW)
Kenny and Zukes
Tanuki (possibly a late night if open as friend arrives from Cayman)
A Pod Cart of some kind (once or twice)

Think that should keep me busy, and the love handles happy

Thanks for any thoughts on what I must try/do,and if you fancy throwing in recs for the beer/coffee fornt then much appreciated, already have

Barista, Ristretto, Stumptown cupping at annex

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  1. I just posted a thread about our trip... Definitely Pok Pok, Clyde Common. Skip Wildwood... it wasn't great. And I can't comment on the rest.... see my post for others it should be right above yours.

    1. You're a five minute drive or walkable (depending on your definition) from the two best pizza places: Ken's and Apizza Scholls.

      1. Coava Coffee has come up trumps for us on our two inaugural trips to Portland, plus they have Nuvrei pastries (get the cinnamon orange danish if they have it).

        We much preferred our brunch at Ned Ludd to our lunch at Wildwood in May, the latter of which was pretty close to a fail. The lamb rillette was particularly good at Ned.

        I thought the cannele from Courier Coffee was better than the ones I tried at Ken's by a fair margin. Unless you mean Ken's for pizza, in which case the Chop garlic salami with arugula did us proud!

        I can't wait to go back to Evoe for more tapas-y snacks.

        We liked Bailey's Tap Room downtown for a good, honest beer room with plenty of interesting and super affordable choices.

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          Evoe is a great idea and very close to where you're staying.

        2. I happen to be in Portland on business this week so the recommendation for pok pok was timely and appreciated. My colleague and I have found two other wonderful establishments I heartily recommend:

          Park Kitchen -
          Beaker and Flask -

          The food was fantastic at all locations. What made our three dinners memorable was the pleasant and professional staff at all the locations. Portland people have been great to us the entire trip.