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Jul 17, 2012 01:43 PM

Ristorante olivio...Another Excellent Meal

Sunday Night the Wife and I had a really nice evening. We started with Brushetta..topped with Buff mozz, olives garlic and tomatoes. It was drizzeled with a nice olive basil oil. Our server Sue rec it and it was a great start. Apparently the owner donates a $1.00 for each order sold to the Uncle Ang Foundation which supports Childrens Hospital and Breast cancer research. We ordered a half carafe of Riesling and Pinot Grigio. entrees were winners I got a large chicken cutlet that was filled with fontina cheese and proscuito panfried in marsala wine. It came with an arancini and fresh vegetables. The little lady was predictable ordering the Pappardelle Bolognese which she really enjoyed. Service was thorough without being overbearing and while it seemed busy everything came out nicely and we were not rushed. Saw alot of folks getting pizza to go which kinda surprised me but its apparently very good. prices were 10-16 for 10 inch pie. Our next trip in sit at the bar and order Pizza and salad I guess. I really enjoy this place if only they opened earlier on the weekends to have early dinner and catch a movie without rushing.

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    1. re: MeffaBabe

      Arlington right across from the Capital Theatre - I have always had a good meal here as well.

    2. I've enjoyed eating here a couple of times, although I will say I think its a tad overpriced. And there's some other decent offerings in the area - L'impasto just down the Mass Ave in North Cambridge, Il Casale over in Belmont, and when just in the mood for takeout pasta, Sabatino's on the next block.

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        price wise they compare favorably with Tryst, II Casale etc. The portions are great I feel and the service is good. I can see the bar, which only seats about 15 getting overwhelmed at timeswhen the dining room is super busy. Im excited to try the new Bar menu which consists of "Small Plates". My wife was emailed a notice and promotion letter yesterday and it looked interesting. Sabatinos is also a go to for takeout.