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Jul 17, 2012 01:24 PM

Where to buy a Key Lime tree in the SF Bay Area ??

Does anyone out there know where I can purchase a small Key Lime plant
in San Francisco, or more preferably, on the Peninsula, say, from S. San Francisco down through Redwood City ? Thanks, The HeadRanger

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  1. Cole Hardware had tons of them last year, but I haven't been there lately. Give them a call. They also had regular lime, lemon and orange trees. They have three or four locations and are big supporters of local schools and non profits, so it's great place to buy all your fruit trees and gardening stuff, not to mention hardware.

    1. Four Seasons Nursery in Modesto widely distributes their trees in N.California
      You could drop them an email with your question.

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        Sorry, meant to say "Four Winds"

      2. We got ours 8 years ago at a Berkeley garden plant place, if that helps. It has done reasonably well in a somewhat sunny part of SF, but has only produced one or two fruits.

        1. Roger Reynolds (Menlo Park) has a wide variety of fruit trees. You could call and ask if they stock key limes trees.

          1. Four Winds Growers, based partially in Fremont supplies to a lot of local stores even in the big box stores. They have a number of different Mexican lime varieties, including key. I've seen their key limes in OSH or you can even buy online and they'll ship to you, which sounds a little risky to me. Not sure if they sell direct at their Fremont farm but it should be easy to find a local retailer by making a few calls.

            Their web site has a lot of good info on growing and troubleshooting citrus trees and I always go there first when my trees are looking funky in any way. No, I'm not a paid spokesperson :) I've just had really good luck with their trees and like that they're local.