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Jul 17, 2012 01:11 PM

Most romantic in Provincetown

I am heading to Provincetown with a group in the end of August. But, will have at least one, hopefully two, nights away from those we are renting a house with during the week. So, I have read debates on what is good, but what is the most romantic spot for a dinner? I plan to do a spa day followed by dinner and want it to be a nice, special night.

We already have a group dinner planned at Victor's, but what wins the romantic vote: Ross'? Devons? Red Inn (I hear the food is so so)?

Thanks for your opinions!

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  1. My choice for romantic, and to me it's not even close, is The Red Inn. The room is lovely, the view spectacular, the service professional, and the food is quite excellent. Not sure where you heard it is so-so, but I've never had a bad, or even a mediocre meal there. It is true that if you are looking for inventive and eclectic cuisine you should look elsewhere (Victor's will give you all of that), as they serve standard, albeit quality, American fare.

    1. I love Devon's when the white table cloths come out, the lanterns are lit and the candles are on the tables. See if you can snag a patio table. They have great protection even if it rains. And, the food is as good as the setting.

      After dinner there is a bay beach access passage right along side for a moonlight walk on the beach, weather permitting.


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        Devon's sounds nice. Thanks for the rec. We'll have to try it this fall.

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          Ross's IMHO is not romantic. I have yet to try Red Inn but my friends went two weeks back and were mad about it..they cannot wait to return..nor can I in the fall when the crowds dissipate.

      2. My partner and I are on the same program - a 1x or 2x romantic dinner in a week otherwise made of of group outings (which are very fun too). For the past two years, we had romantic dinners at the Bistro at Crown Pointe, which was lovely. This year we may try Devon's.

        1. Devon's would be good, Jimmy's Hideaway would work if you are comfortable with a bistro/bar type of romance, and the food is very good. For romantic setting, Red Inn is your best bet. Dalla Cucina is in a nice location, but I have not dined there.

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            Thanks for all the great feedback! I am going to try to squeeze Victor's, Ross's Grill, Devon's and Red Inn all into our week there, but a couple might become group dinners.