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Jul 17, 2012 01:11 PM

in search of a special anniversary dinner on Amalfi Coast - with a view!

hello, i am going to Italy to celebrate my 1 year anniversary next week. while i've been to italy many times with my family, i have never been with my husband. so this is a very special trip for us. I am trying to find the perfect restaurant for us to celebrate our 1 year anniversary, we are staying in Sorrento, but i am very open to eating in a nearby town (thinking Positano, but i know there are a lot of touristy restaurants there....). i would love a restaurant that has a gorgeous view too.
any suggestions would be great, thanks!!

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  1. A few things:

    If you are staying in Sorrento and you want to have dinner with a view in Positano, bear in mind that when you return, you face traveling a very long, narrow, winding road, in the dark. If you are driving yourselves, that means no wine or cocktails for one of you. If you are hiring a taxi/driver, are you sure you are both utterly immune to motion sickness? (it is a VERY winding road.)

    My inclination would be to check out Don Alfonso 1890, which is just outside of Sorrento proper:

    Others might have different suggestions.

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      like BB, if I were staying in Sorrento, I would not necessarily want to head to the Amalfi coast when there are great restaurants(arguably greater than those on the Amalfi coast) more convenient to hand to explore, in Massa Lubrense, Vico Equense, etc.- the area is just loaded with fine restaurants which I would love to sample

      For example in the luxe category in addition to Don Alfonso a few would be,
      Torre del Saracino.

      Quattro Passi

      Taverna del Capitano


      Id explore the Amalfi coast in the daytime and have a nice lunch there!

      1. re: jen kalb

        Jen, those all sound great! and I've read great reviews on Taverna del Capitano. We are actually eating dinner there our 2nd night!

        for our anniversary night, i was thinking of drinks on the terrace at the il San Pietro- which from reviews and pictures, it looks like it has breathtaking views (unfortunately I've read the food there is very average). is there a restaurant with amazing food and views nearby the Il San Pietro that we could dine at after our drinks?


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          Im no expert on Positano, hopefully someone else can speak up.

          You might be interested in the descriptions on the website attached below - in particular one of the restaurants discussed,Conca da Sogno is well respected and would attract me - I like the idea of taking a boat to a quiet seaside place for a romantic dinner as an alternative to hill climbing or more driving.

          overall, you ought to think how this is going to fit into your travel plans for the day - it would be a good cap off of a day touring on the Amalfi coast, but IMO not so good if you have to travel all the way over from Sorrento. The coast road is horribly jammed in season.

          1. re: andreamnyc

            Drinks of the terrace at ISP is a definite MUST - one of the highlights of my trip there a couple of weeks ago. A friend who lives in the area (who knows food) recommended Le Terrazze in Pos for dinner. We didn't go but it looks amazing.

            Attached are a couple of pictures I took while having bellinis at ISP at the end of June. Be sure to get there in time for sunset!

            1. re: ekc

              EKC - wow, Le Terrazza is exactly what i was looking for! and its so close to tthe ISP for our pre dinner cocktails. the reviews for the food and views look fantastic!!!

              thank you so much for the recommendation!! i'll give you an update when i return.

              1. re: andreamnyc

                No problem Andrea - glad to help! Looking forward to your report upon your return!!

      2. Depending on your budget, I would hire a driver and start with drinks on the terrace of Hotel Il San Pietro at sunset, followed by dinner there.

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        1. re: ekc

          we do not plan on driving ourselves, as i know the area and wouldn't dare drive, especially after a few drinks :)

          we were thinking of taking a taxi both ways.


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