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Jul 17, 2012 01:01 PM

Decisions Decisions

Hello all,

My wife and I are making our second trip to NYC and are looking to plan 3 dinners (one high end two kind of mid priced) - last time we were there we went to Eleven Madison Park and loved it, but would like to try something different. For the high end meal - we are looking to be below $400 with tax, tip and drinks (we don't drink a ton - maybe a bottle of wine or maybe just a few cocktails between us). For the mid-priced looking for under $200 with tax and tip for the both of us.

For high end we were looking at Le Bernardin - we love seafood and have heard great things. Any other suggestions? We like all kinds of food - so it does not have to be seafood. I was thinking Per Se - but to get out of there for $400 would be next to impossible IMO.

For the mid-price we were looking at Spotted Pig and Momofuku Ssam Bar - thoughts?

We are staying in SoHo - but are willing to subway + walk to get where we need to.

Cheers all

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  1. try to get a reservation for the Torrisi special 20 course historical tasting menu. you won't be disappointed. I think it is now $150 pp

    1. Per Se, Masa, and Brooklyn Fare would extend your budget but otherwise you can dine pretty much anywhere else for $400 inclusive of tax, service, and moderate alcohol consumption.

      The Salon at Per Se serves an abbreviated a la carte menu but it's probably not the experience that you have in mind.

      Le Bernardin would be a good choice given its recent renovation and updated four star review. I'd also suggest Corton and Jean Georges. I like Daniel a lot but haven't been there in a few years.

      For mid-price I'd consider Minetta Tavern over Spotted Pig, and Ma Peche over Momofuku Ssam Bar. Nothing wrong with SP or MSB - I just personally find the food at MT and MP more interesting though others may disagree.

      In Soho don't miss the pastries at Dominique Ansel and chocolates at Kee's.

      1. If you like cocktails, do the Breslin over Spotted Pig. The list is better at the Breslin. Plus I prefer the lamb burger with thrice fried chips there over the SP burger, which has super skinny shoestring fries.

        Momofuku Ssam Bar has an excellent cocktail program run by PDT bartenders. Plus you can try some of Dave Arnold's molecular drinks at Booker & Dax next door. I prefer the atmosphere and location of Ssam Bar out of all of the Momofukus for a mid-range meal.

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          Thank you for the replies - thus far - lots of homework to do :)

          Also - just to Confirm Le Bernardin only takes reservations 30 days out - correct? And as for SSam Bar and Spotted Pig - it looks like neither take reservations - is this correct?


          1. re: Chillax

            Last time I checked, Le Bernardin took reservations on the first of the month for the entire following month. This might be only over the phone; I believe OpenTable has more restrictions.

            Neither Momofuku Ssam nor Spotted Pig take reservations. However, Momofuku Ssam does take reservations for their two large format meals for groups: the Bo Ssam and the duck over rice.

            1. re: Chillax

              Ma Peche does take reservations.

              1. re: Chillax

                Correct that Spotted Pig DOES NOT take reservations BUT they do start taking names at 5:00PM. What just worked out great for us the other day (our first time-finally) was going to for a drink around 4:30, sitting at the bar, and letting the woman at the door know we were interested in putting in our names.

                I plan on going back ASAP (this weekend?) because it was fantastic (and I went in with trepidation because of all the rabid love for the place).

            2. I'd pick jean-Georges as my top pick for the expensive. For mid range, Osteria Morini or Recette,