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Jul 17, 2012 12:57 PM

Dinner recs - not too pricey

We are planning a trip with a bunch of women to NO. When we mentioned Cammander's Palace, one of them said that the menu looked kind of pricey. Looking at many of the other recommendations on this board, I see lots of them that look great also have entrees in the $28-$30 range.
Is there any place to recommend that would be good, but more in the $20 per entree range? We are staying at the Chateau Bourbon in the French Quarter, which has now become a Hyatt.

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  1. If you're willing to get outside the quarter, you'll find a bit better value for your buck. Take a streetcar ride uptown to Boucherie (, where the entrees max out at $16.

    Or skip fine dining entirely, and go to Cochon Butcher for sandwiches & such in the under $10 range:

    Skipping over fine dining entirely, you can eat well (though perhaps not "dine") in the quarter at VertiMart, Johnny's Poboys, Camellia Grill (the FQ location at 540 Chartres), Salt & Pepper...

    1. Don't write off Commander's (especially a group of women!) but go for lunch. You can have a fabulous meal (soup + entree + 2 martinis) for $20 or less if you order carefully. Of course, you'll need to split some bread pudding souffles as well but you can all chip in on those!

      Depending on when you go The Pelican Club has insane deals. You might need to dine on the early side, but that just leaves more time to hang out at the Carousel Bar after dinner!

      1. If you are coming in August, you will be in luck: