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Jul 17, 2012 12:30 PM

Singapore - Recs?

Hi - I'm going back to Singapore (last time I was there was 2 years ago)

you can see some of the places I went last trip here:

I wanted to get the latest and greatest recommendations. I'll be by myself this time, but I've got friends in Singapore that I'll be eating dinner with, but for breakfast / lunch I'll be by myself. I'm staying at Swissotel, so I'm basically close to anything in the center although i won't have a car, so anything that is super hard to get to maybe difficult. Would be awesome if multiples places at same hawker center, but whatever i'll travel

Here's some of the things I was looking for (kind of alot of stuff (sorry), but I don't get alot of chances to go to Singapore and this stuff is difficult to find in the US, so I'm going to try to hit as many spots as I can):

- Hokkien mee

- bak kuh teh

- carrot cake

- chwee kueh

- rojak

- poh piah

- laksa

- satay

- kopi tiam type breakfast stuff

- char kway teow

- chinese desserts (ice desserts, pastries etc


- Cantonese BBQ (cha siu, siu yuk / sio bak)

- clay pot rice

- anything you think is just amazing and I'd be missing out on if i didn't try it

Separately, a few other questions:

- Chicken rice: I'm pretty loyal to Tian Tian (i think their rice is so good), do you think there is any place that I should try over it?

- Chili crab: normally, I go to Eng Seng (for chili + black pepper crab), but I was thinking maybe try Roland? What do you think?

- Crab bee hoon: do you think Sin Huat or Seng Kee is better? I'm planning on going to Seng Kee to finally try their bak chor mee, but I heard their crab bee hoon is good too. Also, do you need a reservation at Sin Huat? How many people do you think the minimum you need to go to Sin Huat is?

- Tanglin Halt Original Peanut Pancake: do you guys think this place is good? I saw it on on ieatishootipost and on bourdain and it looks like the type of dessert i would like (my gf says i like old people desserts even though i'm not old)

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  1. There's an excellent Char Kway Teow stall in the Hong Lim Center that always has a long queue, don't remember the name or number but it's opposite a Bak Chor Mee stall #02-17

    I live near Newton and love both the Poh-Piah(Bee Heng #12) and carrot cake (Heng #28, only open evenings?) there

    Geylang Claypot Rice, only CPR I've tried here so can't really compare but I keep going back, soft shell crab good too.

    Killeney or Good Morning Nanyang are both good for kaya toast etc

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    1. re: BenjaminHam

      yah hong lim seems like it has alot of good food

      Newton? haha i kinda like that there is something good at newton circus given it's touristy nature, im a massive poh piah fan and i could always use a good carrot cake

      yah geyland CPR was top of mind, glad to get some confimatory messages

      i thought good morning nanyang close down?

    2. Re Hokkien Mee - My favorite is Come Daily at Toa Payoh Lorong 1 market. But honestly, i don't think it is worth a trip for you. As you are already aware before, I belong to the camp that think it is not necessary for you to seek the "best" in hawker food as the standard variation to a "decent" one is not worth the price and time to look for it. Thye Hong stall at Food Republic Wisma Atria is very good and much more convenient for you, and with the benefit of airconditioned as well. Even if you are more adventurous, you may as well travel to Chomp Chomp Food Center for Ah Hock Hokkein Mee; Chomp Chomp is much more interesting than the Toa Payoh Food Market. Many here will probably recommend you to go for Nam Sing at Old Airport, which is closer to your hotel But i think NS is overrated and the queue is too long, so go early if that is your destination.

      Re Bar Kut Teh: Ya Hua used to be my favorite but the standard has deteriorated on my last 2 visits. So I will recommend Ng Ah Sio. Remember, ask for the long ribs even though it cost more.

      Re Carrot Cake: agree with BejaminHam, Heng at Newton is the best in town. And easy for you to travel there. Popiah at Bee Heng is pretty good too.

      Re Chee Kuah: go to the one at Tiong Bahru Market in the morning. Forgot the name of the stall.

      Re Rojak: my favorite stall at Far East has closed down. You may want to try Hoover at Whampoa.

      Re Popiah & Laksa: Many here will tell you to go for Katong laksa, again IMO not worth the trip. My preferred and more convenient place is Prima at Centrepoint; they do decent laksa and popiah.

      Re Char Kway Teoh: Benjamin referred to Outram Park CKT in Hong Lim. If you go there, may as well try the laksa at Famous Sungei Rd Laksa there as well. Another option for CKT is at no. 18 Zion Food Center. Both these two stalls are usually ranked top 5 in most surveys.

      Re Cantonese BBQ: best siu yuk in town is in Lei Garden at Chymes, just 5 minutes walk from your hotel. 2nd best is Jade Palace at Forum. Forget about Crystal Jade, Imperial treasure & Taste Paradise; they are popular but overrated.

      Crab Bee Hoon: stick to Sing Huat, no reservation is necessary. 2 is minimum.

      P.S: notice you are a sushi fan in NYC. You may want to try Shinji Kanesaka at Raffles Hotel, just 5 minutes walk from you. It is better than any I tried in NYC.

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      1. re: FourSeasons

        thanks FourSeason as always!

        this is very helpful, I would try the sushi place if i was there longer, but I'm likely going to Japan and Korea in the winter, so i'm going to blow out the sushi restaurants in december

        do you live in singapore or HK? if either we should go eat, im going to be in both for a while, email me at my blog email at