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Jul 17, 2012 12:21 PM

Noodle soup help!!!

Hi I live in Houston and went to this small restaurant that served noodle soup I loved it but I forgot the name i know it's on gessner and harwin . Can anyone tell me the name please?

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  1. Couldn't tell you without more information, and probably couldn't help even then. If you refer to a pho shop, I can recommend Pho Saigon (various locations) which I visited for my first pho experience not long ago. As such, I have nothing to compare it to, but it was very good for noodle soup,

    1. And also not on Gessner & Harwin, but very good, is Pho Dien on Bellaire.

      Like Lambowner, I, too, very much like Pho Saigon - for many things besides just their pho, which is terrific.

      But also their crispy fried egg rolls that you wrap with a cold lettuce leaf and dip into that terrific sweet/sour sauce.

      And their shredded char-broiled pork that they serve with either rice or vermicelli.

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        Want to mention that Pho Dien also serves excellent avocado smoothies.

        And, for those that would like to try durian, but don't want to risk the odor from cutting into one, Pho Dien also serves durian smoothies.

      2. Pho 21 5700 S Gessner Dr # C Houston, TX 77036‎

        Just a guess after looking at a map.