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Jul 17, 2012 11:22 AM

Hungry in Toronto

I'll be visiting this weekend for the first time, and want to be sure to savor the flavors representing Toronto. Good stuff. We are staying at Cambridge Suites downtown, but will also have a car. And just so you know me, I plan to visit the Shoe Museum for kicks.

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  1. Welcome to Toronto :)

    There are so many great restaurants in downtown TO to try. Is there a particular cuisine or budget you're looking at?

    I always recommend Mother's dumpling for a great taste of authentic Chinese dumplings that are always tasty and fresh.

    I do recommend to go to St. Lawrence Market. They have lots of great food. In addition to the amazing farmers market, they have Peameal Bacon sandwich, fantastic macaron (downstairs on Sat only... it's called Lemon Tree bakery), some great pizza (ground floor along the outside), fresh grilled halibut fillet on a tasty bun (ground floor in the back), they also do tasty battered oysters!

    I highly recommend trekking up north east TO to get some authentic Chinese dim sum. There's a lot of threads on this topic. There are a few places downtown that have dim sum but it's not as good as the outskirts.

    In downtown Toronto, we have many little suburbs that have great authentic foods... Korea Town, Little Italy, Danforth (Greek food). I love 2 restaurants in Korea Town. They are Sunrise Cafe and Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu.

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      Thanks, Nevy. Looks like I'll have to make more than one trip! We may do dim sum Sunday, and your recommendations along with the prior thread are great.

      St Lawrence Market sounds super for Saturday. I was salivating...esp for the bakery!

      What do you know about Adega, a portuguese restaurant on Elm at Yonge? Looked very good, and a bit 'newer' than Chiado, which a good friend recommended based on an earlier trip.


    2. A good start might be this list of the stuff a bunch of regulars here voted as best

      1. I personally Like Korea town.It's a great area for a foodie like me.