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Jul 6, 2004 01:10 AM

Mourning Marie Callenders

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I stopped going to Marie Callenders shortly after they were bought by a major corp quie a few years back due to declining quality. Due to a job, I went back recently because they were the closest to the office.

The first day I geared myself up for the salad bar and a spinach salad with hot bacon dressing ... gone.

The drop dead tender short ribs have exited from the menu as well. So long steamed veggies covered with melted cheese.

The German Chocolate pie, one of my old favorites was a dissapointment. I actually got a corked glass of wine, only the second time in my life that happened. The absurdity of sending back a cheap glass of wine made me pause, but it was dreadful.

Even the cornbread has changed. You get a loaf of it. I miss the inches high piece of days long ago.

While the food is better than most chains, I miss the days when a dinner included a piece of pie and you stumbled away from dinner in a food stupor. Those were the days when you expected a wait during prime time. The Marie's I was at was rarely more than half full.


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  1. I remember all of the things you mentioned as being very good. That's too bad. I haven't been to a MC for over four years. I always enjoyed their Frisco burgers, do they still have those?

    I also like their key lime pie and the sour cream lemon pies. Looks like you eat elsewhere, then go here for dessert, or have the quality in their pies declined also?

    I had a fairly good breakfast at an MC a couple of years ago. The lemon muffin that came with it was very good, but that was awhile back. ***kim***

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      I almost panicked, but after checking out the take-out menu, Frisco burgers are still there (whew!).

      Again, the food isn't, for the most part horrible, but it doesn't compare to the quality before they were bought out. The pies are still ok, but again, there, to me, is a slight quality slip (a big one as far as the german chocolate pie).

      DO stay away from the premade salads, the ceaser is so overdressed that the lettuce wilts. Ditto for the salad with gorgonzola which is a mess. Make your own at the salad bar.

      Never had breakfast at MC. They started that after they were sold and I stopped going.

      The one good thing they added was the chocolate cheese cake. The regular is too sweet for my taste and the raspberry cheesecake has an artificial taste to it.

      1. re: Krys Sanley

        Worst breafast buffet I ever suffered through was at Marie Calendar's in San Ramon.

        1. re: Chino Wayne
          Melanie Wong

          I have a free coupon for a complimentary Continental Breakfast or $5 off a breakfast item on the menu, Mon-Sat, at the Napa location, if you want it. (g)

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            Thanks, but no thanks, next time I am Napa I'll pick up a local sourdough flute and some sweet butter, and your recommendation for a nice breakfast wine (keeping in mind that Sutter Home Moscato is about my speed).

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              A free coupon for a complimentary breakfast???

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