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Jul 17, 2012 10:14 AM

Small Jersey shore joints

Hey. Just made reservations @ the Diving Horse in Avalon, which I've been keen to try for awhile now. Does anyone else have suggestions on great little Jersey shore spots? Preferably between Cape May and Avalon (although I am willing to go farther afield).

I've been to the take-out window @ Quahogs in Stone Harbor - is it worth going in for a sit-down dinner?

Any suggestions would be appreciated! I don't want to be bereft of food options and end up at Stone Harbor Pizza, which is sad.

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  1. Here is a recent round up of Jersey shore places by the food critic in the Philadelphia Inquirer.


    1. I like George's for breakfast (Cape May). You should probably also try the New Jersey board.

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        Ha, thanks. I'm new here and I didn't realize there's a Jersey board. But your help is still appreciated. Just googled George's Place and it gets ridiculously good reviews.

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          Oldie but goodie.. Busch's Seafood in Sea Isle. Get the she crab soup for take out. Other stuff is ok.

        2. 410 Bank Street in Cape May gets rave reviews from my mother. I went years ago, but don't remember it well, and I was too young to appreciate it. It's not extremely small, but it's not huge. They have pictures and a menu on the site.


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            I've been outside this place many times! I've always been curious about it, but never wanted to risk it. I'll scope the menu.

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              With regards to 410 Bank Street......make sure they do not charge you for ice set-ups if you bring in your own wine.....as they did to me. The charge is illegal.

            2. My bf and I ate at Quahogs last week. I think the fish ribs at Quahogs are worth a visit. My summer isn't complete without a few plates of them! We also had the mussels as an app followed by softshell crabs (3 decent sized crabs) and a whole branzino which were both delicious! My only wish for Quahogs is that they would get their servers on the ball. I feel like they're never staffed properly but I feel that way about most places at the shore.
              The owner of Quahogs, Lucas Manteca is also overseeing the kitchen at the Ebbitt Room and the Rusty Nail which are both worth a visit.
              A friend just went to Avalon Rose and enjoyed her meal. I believe it's BYO. She thought it was better than the Diving Horse in food and price.
              Enjoy your visit!

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