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Olive Oil and Balsamic Tasting Room?

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we came across a new Olive Oil and Balsamic vinegar tasting room in Greenport, NY (North Fork) called Vines & Branches. The place is great, they have a huge selection and the staff is knowledgeable ...they also have another store in Westhampton Beach.
We love the concept and the service, but just wondering if there are others anyone has been to on Long Island or in NYC??

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  1. Historic Front Street North in NYC had a shop on Front Street that moved to Beekman Street. Hopefully it's still there.

    Saratoga Springs has Saratoga Olive Oil:


    1. There's a very similar mini-chain, The Crushed Olive, with locations in Huntington, Stony Brook and Sayville.


      All of these places are supported by one supplier, Veronica Foods, who helps them set up the store.


      1. There's one in the Chelsea market: http://www.thefillingstationnyc.com/. We had fun tasting the various salts there too!

        1. I've been to a few of these stores on both the west and east coast. I recently walked into Pure Mountain Olive Oil in Rhinebeck, NY that really impressed me more than the others. The staff was very knowledgeable and helpful. They have created a lot of pairing suggestions and have gorgeous gift baskets. They seem to specialize in corporate gift giving also:


          They have a second location opening in Tarrytown, NY in August of 2012. I live in Westchester and so am really excited to have them close to home. I'll be able to attend their monthly cooking demos and wine pairings!

          1. Welcome to Chowhound, EEE:

            Just curious as to why you liked the Greenport store so much, aside from aesthetics? They seem to be selling undated, bulk oils with no information about origin other than the name of the country and the type of olive. At the prices they charge, much less in many cases, I can shop at a serious food store (DiPalo, Eataly, Despana, Citarella, Whole Foods--to name just a few) and buy a bottle of dated olive oil from Italy, Spain, or California that is clearly marked with the name of the estate. If I want an undated oil, marked only with the type of olive and region of origin, I can buy the often excellent Fairway-label oils for about half of what this place charges.

            It's a pretty place and I wish them well, but really more of a "gift shop" than a venue for anyone serious about their ingredients.