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Jul 17, 2012 09:34 AM

Lunch on southern Illinois - need help fast!

Driving up I-57 to Chicago, anyplace cool for lunch in the area? We're open to anything. TIA

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  1. If you have enough time, detour over the Mississippi River and go to Lambert's in Sikeston, MO. Worth. The. Trip. The experience and the down-home food.

    If not,

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      Might be too late, but it would help if you'd be more specific...where is your trip originating? I-57 stretches for several hundred miles through IL.

    2. Some suggestions:

      Marion exit: 17th Street Bar and Grill. Mike Mills is a 3 time winner of the Memphis in May BBQ cook off. His original location in Murphysboro has more character but the food at the Marion restaurant is good too.

      Also at Marion exit, head west to Herrin. Louie's P & R. Italian deli. All kinds of sandwiches and salads.

      West Frankfort exit: Mike's Drive In. Car hops and all. A throwback to the old A&W type drive ins. I like the pork tenderloin sandwich here...also the onion rings. And, of course, root beer in a mug.

      Benton exit: Go west on Illinois 14 a few miles to Christopher to the Maid Rite Cafe. "Loose meat" sandwiches and good pie.

      Ina exit. Uncle Joe's BBQ.

      1. Thanks all- we ate before most of the posts, Just grabbed a gyro and hot dog at some little stand in Marion. Will definately save this post since this is a drive we make with some regularity.