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Jul 17, 2012 09:27 AM

Steakhouse near MoMA

I'm looking for a great steakhouse for a business lunch for 25-30 people. Ideally it will be within walking distance of MoMa, and will have a private room to accommodate the group. The private room is not a deal breaker, though I imagine most good steakhouses will have a private room.

Looking forward to reccs!


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  1. Not knowing your budget or any other details I'll throw this out: Quality Meats on 58th. And it's a bit of a walk but you always have the epitome of steakhouse in Keens on 36th.

    1. Not sure it meets your definition of "great" , but Mortons on 45th (5th/Mad) is fairly close and has a private room.

      1. thanks for the suggestions! budget isn't a concern. we're hoping for something non-chain and unique to NYC.

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        1. re: AllisonS

          You're going to have to travel a little bit away from MoMA, then.

          There's a Wolfgang's at 53rd & 3rd. That's not too far.

          1. re: Sneakeater

            Although it seems to me that what you REALLY want is Keens on 36th right off 6th.