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Jul 17, 2012 08:08 AM

Recommendations for Gilford, Alton Bay dinner.

Need rec's for dinner before show at Meadowbrook. Prefer not to do the short order places. Thanks!

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  1. The Lyon's Den is on the Lake a few miles from Meadowbrook (Glendale next to Marine Patrol). Just about the best in the area for drinks and dinner. The owner chef does great seafood and steaks. You may want reservatons and if so ask for the front window table. Enjoy!

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      Thanks so much... got this too late to check out for the show but will keep in mind for next time!

      1. re: veggiequeen

        Tried Shibley's at the Pier in Alton Bay for pre show dinner... not sure I'd go back. Drinks were tiny (one of the smallest Bloody Mary's I've ever been served) and the fried clams were really up and down (mostly down) overdone. Fried Scallops were good, fried Calamari appie was ok in a sweet chili sauce with Bok Choy and tomato slices... tomato totally not needed in mho. Looking for something more casual and fun than what Lyon's Den appears to be but more than just drive in take out also.