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Jul 17, 2012 08:02 AM

Cape Cod restaurants nobody EVER talks about.

A recent post asking about the Duck Creek Inn in Welfleet got me thinking. There are many places here on the Cape that I never see any discussion here or by friends or family. Someone must frequent these places or they would be gone by now. Feel free to comment if you've been or heard anything on these. Or add your own to the list.

Anthony's Cummaquid Inn - I pass this place several times per week and never see ANY cars there, yet I know they are open. Outside a few suspected shill posts, the reviews on Yelp are less than stellar.

The Paddock - Used to love this place in the 80s but haven't been since. Back in the day was the gold standard for old school fine dining.

Pate's - see Paddock

The Ebb Tide - ditto

Trevi Cafe at Mashpee Commons -looks nice, never been

Kettle-Ho in Cotuit - Mostly a drinking joint? That's my uninformed impression

Copper Chimney in Hyannis - attached to the International Inn which is so creepy I'd never venture to try their restaurant.

Up The Creek -Hyannis - Again in the 80's this was the place for inexpensive home cooking. Today???

Tugboats - nice waterfront location. Haven't been since we were served spoiled chowder that had separated and the kitchen said it was our fault for letting it sit before we ate it. Wouldn't take it off the bill even though it wasn't touched. Therefor, our last visit was 15 years ago. Too bad, nice spot.

Anejo Mexican in Falmouth. I hear the radio ads. The menu looks enticing. The build-out lovely. Have never heard a peep about it.

Captain Linnel House - Orleans - see Paddock

Bramble Inn Brewster - Used to be lovely. No idea today?

Laurino's Tavern- Brewster: Went once. In 1977.

With 1,100 Cape restaurants and growing, I'm sure there are many, many others.

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  1. Good idea CCG. Actually drove by Laurino's Tavern/Brewster last week and it brought back memories of camping every year at Nickerson State Park. One of our "night's out" was at Laurino's and all I remember is good pizza and cold beer. Like you, havent been back since early 1980's. I'll plan on checking it out sometime this summer.

    Pate's/ Chatham - we go by there all the time and keep wanting to try it. With all the restaurant competition in the area, we always talk ourselves out of it and usually end up at the Del Mar, Impudent Oyster, or Buca's/Harwich . A few people I know swear by it. Based on the amount of cars in the parking lot, it appears that they must be doing something right. I'll post if we visit in the near future.
    We did venture out of our comfort zone last week and dined at a place (twice actually) that I don't hear much about - Joe's Beach Rd. Bar & Grille (Orleans on the way to Nauset Beach). Both nights the place was packed. One night I had "sea of love"- lobster, shrimps, scallops over linguine. Next time was cajun tuna with a wasabi sauce over jasmine rice served perfectly rare. Wife had a individual thin crust pizza one night and a quesadilla on the next visit. Liked both meals. Service was spot on both times. Fresh rolls with herbed butter were served and both nights we were asked if we would like more while we waited for our meals. They do take reservations; they're not open for lunch.

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      Kneerobber, you may want to read some recent posts about Pate's on Also a review recently about Bramble Inn. I was at Bramble Inn in 2008 or 2010, cannot recall which. We had an abysmal experience (rudeness) with the hostess and were seated in a room with two deuces and a 6 top. When the 6 top arrived, the other deuce left the room and mom and I ate in silence because we could not hear each other. I'd never go back.

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        Yes....will def. do research before I venture over there.

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        Joe's is at The Barley Neck Inn, correct? Used to love going there (again, back in the day). May have to venture over based on your report!

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          Yes, that's the place. Never had been on my radar, but was quite impressed. If no parking in the front, just go over to the back (remember, its at the fork at the beginning of Beach Rd.)

      3. Pate's, best real prime rib on the Cape. Ebb Tide, also excellent though they have gotten a bit pricey. Up The Creek, Hyannis has been out of business for several years. It reopened for a short while as Up The Creek II but just didn;t get it. Tugboats is a pure and simple tourist lobster place. I've been several times in recent years but have never been overwhelmed. Better off going to Sundancers for cheap lobster if you can stand the horrible service.

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          Nice topic-I have been coming to the cape for about 30 years with several families and stay in Eastham-many years ago a friend whos mother lives in Brewster took us to Pates-My family goes to Pates every year and usually go on my wifes birthday.I have had some fantastic prime rib and my wife gets the lamb chops-kids usually get the filet-most years we really enjoy-This is our main non seafood meal.I enjoy reading about some other places-As we have kids of all ages our restaurants stay pretty much the same each year-Arnolds/Friendly Fisherman/Finely JPS/Russ and Maries/Catch of the Day with others sprinkled in from time to time

        2. Good post CCG, I'm curious too.

          I can give a report on Anejo in Falmouth, went there last weekend, in fact. First off, it's a fun place to eat dinner, loud, crowded, very good, very large cocktails (margaritas and mojitos, etc.).

          Our dinners were actually quite good. We started with the tableside made guac, which was 2 fresh avocados, smashed in a rustic mortar and pestle, and they add fresh salsa, cilantro, and jalapenos to taste. It was yummy (though a bit pricey at $12). We split it 4 ways, and it was plenty. There are also warm chips, and free salsa on the tables, which is nice.

          For a main I had the chicken enchiladas verde, which was delicious, though the tomatillo sauce could have used a bit more spice. My SO had the cornflake covered scrod, which was slightly sweet but very tasty, and the side of roasted corn set it off nicely. Others had the fish tacos, and were pleased.

          The wait can be very long, so that needs to be factored in. But I'd definitely go back.

          1. We ate at the Paddock 2 weeks ago. Very busy. Food was very good, worth the prices. Nice wine list. We were seated in the Dining room on the right side of the restaurant, but would have prefered something more cosy. Probably sit in the bar on another visit. Celebrated our Anniversery at the Captain Linnel House a few years ago. I thought it was very good, as well. More quiet and cosy than the Paddock. Again, good wine list. Very good service. It is a bit off of the beaten path, though. Drank with friends from Cotuit at the Kettle Ho, but did not eat. Mostly locals.

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              We've done the Paddock a few times in the past few years, and the special menu (either on the back of the regular one, or ask for it) has great prices and a decent choice.

              And it reminds me of Newbury's Capeside which was in that space many many years ago (Cape Cod relation of Newbury Steakhouse, in Boston), which always makes me feel good.

            2. Montano's in North Truro is never mentioned but has been around forever and is always packed. At first we thought the early bird dinners were the big draw (not our thing) but have discovered they do a nice job with pizza and the arancini are good as any we've had. Still not sure about a sit down meal, we usually have a glass of Truro Vineyards wine while waiting for our take-out.

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                Wow - I think it's well worth bumping this up after quite a shock with takeout from here tonight - why haven't we known about or been here until now? I fully understand why the parking lot and dining room were full at 7p on Sunday in early October - and also appreciated that the order was ready at exactly the time promised.

                EVERYTHING in our substantial order was way above average to excellent quality food - the chicken parm was delicious and was seriously enough for 3-4 people! The florentine shrimp was cooked perfectly AFTER the fifteen minute trip home with balanced sauce. The baby back ribs (yes, that's right-still amazed that it was on their menu and that someone here ordered it...) were tender and fell off the bones (not smoky at all, but didn't expect that here), the crab cakes were pretty much just tennis ball sized broiled clumps of lump crab meat (authentic Maryland style to me - but the sauce can be skipped on these), and super fresh garden salad and perfectly dressed Caesar.

                Very minor gripes were that the request for balsamic dressing for the garden salad resulted in a container full of just balsamic vinegar and the side of bread was fresh but soft, white, flavorless, and completely forgettable (we threw it outside for the birds /squirrels).

                This is really straightforward food that is well-cooked with great ingredients and ends up very tasty / satisfying, along with good service and generous portions. It's going into our cape rotation from now on (clearly with reservations required in the summer)!