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Jul 17, 2012 07:59 AM

Dilemma: Little Owl or Fat Radish

Restaurant dilemma. Have friends coming in who want to try one of these. I have been to Fat Radish and loved it. We had a fabulous meal there last month in spite of hearing mixed things.

I have heard Little Owl is overrated and can be very loud with such a small space. But of course, some say it is wonderful and delicious.

Since I have not tried it, and I am sure many of you have been to both, can you help us pick?

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  1. little owl is...quite overrated. and unless you have reservations, the wait for a table more than 2 will be quite long.

    i dont particularly care for fat radish but if you have a reservation there, id rather go there then try my luck trying to get a walk-in at little owl.

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      sam1 makes a good point. Little Owl is TINY. A table for four could be a very long wait. They have only 32 seats. And that's counting the minuscule "bar" seating.

    2. I cannot vouch for Fat Radish since I have not been, however I loved Little Owl when I dined there on Friday. The service and food were terrific. True it is small and tables are cramped but it was a great dinner.

      I was having a hard time deciding between the sliders and the soft shell crab appetizers, so the waitress allowed me to order just 1 slider for a taste along with the SSC. I though that was a great gesture. For the main, I had the halibut with corn, peas, and pesto vinaigrette along with a side of mushrooms with truffled breadcrumbs. It was absolutely terric. The fish was incredibly fresh along with the really delicious veggies. A perfect light meal for summer.

      Ended with the strawberry rhubard crispy with mascarpone gelato and was very happy!

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      1. re: steakrules85

        The food at Little Owl is much better. But the scene is tired.

        Fat Radish is vibrant and fun. But the food isn't nearly as good.