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Jul 17, 2012 07:46 AM

Chowfind: Sorento Don Mills and Eglinton Persian- Italian

Sorento (one "R")
900 Don Mills Rd at Barber Greene
416 447 3590
Open every day , and in particular MONDAY!
There is a $10 for $20 Groupon Now every day

Shekamoo, where ever you are, on your return to Toronto please try and report.

I was marauding on Monday for supper. I didn't want to spring for a $25 Summerlicious and there were few places open on Monday. So I got a $10 for $20 Groupon Now coupon for Sorento. But only after reading the menu online and ascertaining that the owners were Iranian.

I went out for for the assorted appetizer platter ($19.95). It was delicious. Not since Paradis in Washington seventeen years ago have I had such a good feeling from a Persian restaurant. But then again, my Persian adventures have been only in Toronto since. Maybe once in Paris, but it was forgettable. (Aziz, kosher Tunisian couscous wasn't , but in my defence, it was Xmas eve.)

On the platter: two kinds of eggplant (call it aubergine farsi nue and the price doubles) yoghurt fixed up, pickled red pepper, " cornichons", basket(s) of house made flat bread. Really good, although I would suggest that they replace the pickling with their own pickled vegetables (torshi)
which would be better and make the plate a complete triumph.

The rest of the Persian items are kebabs and the like.
The soup of the day was clamchowder. At least it wasn't that barley porridge that I don't understand. (Soup of the day seems to mean the soup of everyday in every Persian place that I have been in and it is the barley porridge.)

Most of the menu is Toronto popular Italian- pasta , pizza , hoagie. There are a number of other items such as lamb shank.

I saw a number of dishes going out . They looked good and there was ample to eat on the plate. Prices were quite reasonable.

Oh yeah, wood fired pizza oven. Maybe that's why Iran wants nuclear reactors, it is running out of wood for the bread and pizza ovens.

Next time I will try something Italianesque.

The room is large, designed and extravagantly decorated in Persian faux .

Remember, the daily Groupn Now - while it lasts.

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  1. I had a nice lunch there once years ago - a seafood pasta special with a saffron cream sauce. I was pleasantly surprised as it was quite good. I did find the price slightly high for the time of day, area & dated decor but they weren't suffering for business.

    1. Forgot. The platter also had a good and interesting hummus.

      I was told that the menu changed recently and with it perhaps pricing. . As for pricing, I assumed that quality was good and compared price to more pretentious places.

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      1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

        I think I just spent more than I expected to at lunch, at Don Mills and Eg, in a strip mall. But I could have ordered something cheaper, and the quality was there. If I still worked in that area I would definitely check out the Persian menu, especially the eggplant.

      2. will do upon return from Europe! sounds interesting! The comparison with Paradis is a strong assertion, lets see how it turns out!

        1. There were no more Groupon Now coupons after I posted initially. Finally, there is one for this Friday.
          A couple coupons resulted in food OK for the discounted price. This is a success in couponland. Sorento is the only coupon that I have had that left me feeling happy to pay full price.

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          1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

            Visit #2

            An eggplant appetizer that was superb.
            Vegetarian pizza. The thin crust was with the same dough as the flat bread. The dough works better in the bread. The pizza was OK, the ingredients were good, pleasant enough but it didn't have character.
            Broccoli cheddar soup. Broccoli and cauliflower, I don't know about cheddar. A big bowl for $4.
            A good diner soup, no complaints.

            Visit #3

            A complete failure .
            The flat bread was baked so much that it was like a cracker.
            The same eggplant appetizer was several classes below the prior ones. If this were my only experience with the dish I wouldn't have it again. For example, it tasted eggy from large pieces of scrambled egg. Someone different must have made it.
            Lamb shank. Tasted offensively strong -not muttonly-and salty I think it had been boiled first , though it was very dark and boiled lamb turns pale. The sauce was fatty , too salty and generally unpleasant.
            The broccoli and carrots were finished with too much fat of some sort.
            The roast potatoes were delicious.

            I sent back the lamb shank , complaining specifically.. The chef came out and asked me what was wrong with it . I thought, this is how he cooks it, I didn't want to get into a fight, particularly since I had a coupon, so I answered, nothing, I just don't like it.
            I asked the chef for kebob instead. I wanted the "G. Beef Kebob" on the menu - koobideh- ground meat- instead I got the "Beef Kebob" -barg- a fillet of beef. I didn't like this one at all -meat the texture and colour of wet pressed paper pulp, unpleasant flavouring, finished with too much fat -so I sent it back. The rice was very ordinary.

            I got charged for both the lamb and the kebob, which is OK, I just wanted to leave and I had a coupon.

            Shekadoo, please go visit and tell us.