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Jul 17, 2012 07:38 AM

In Montreal - Need clear glass table ware that is dishwasher & oven safe

Questions: I want to buy 6 clear glass luncheon plates (about 8 inches) that are oven and dishwasher safe. I know that Pyrex and Corning make some oven and dishwasher safe items, but not luncheon plates. I have bought some made in France table items like plates, bowls, cups and saucers that are exceptional durable and good looking, but I do not have a maker’s brand name. Are there any stalls in Marche Jean-Talon that have oven and dishwasher safe table ware? How about Zone at 4246 rue St. Denis? Are there other kitchenware stores in Little Italy? Would Arthur Quentin be too expensive? Any other ideas? Thanks for your help and comments!

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  1. There is a kitchenware store in JTM, on the Henri-Julien side, near the Wawel bakery.

    Quincaillerie Dante (Dante/St-Dominique) is *the* place in Little Italy for pots, pans, plates and guns.

    No idea if either would carry what you're looking for, but I would try Dante first.

    1. About the best thing would be to find Duralex ware. I have bought some glasses and bowls at a most reasonable price at Warshaw (the reincarnation of the famous grocery store on St-Laurent, opposite Atwater Market - housewares; no food). They also sell some of the stuff at Arthur Quentin on St-Denis but it is terribly overpriced. Also try kitchenware shops - the professional/commercial kind. I believe I've seen som arcoroc plates at Norten (St-Laurent and Beaubien), but it would be better to phone them if you don't live nearby.

      Arcoroc as well as Duralex - google them. Duralex went out of production for many years, but some of the lines are back.

      I'm working in Amsterdam this week, and definitely taking back som Duralex tumblers, under one euro apiece.

      1. Dollarama sells glass plates that are dishwasher safe but not sure they can go in the oven. You might try Ares for a higher end product.

        1. I doubt Arthur Quentin carries that kind of tableware and yes, they are spendy.

          Phone up Monas? It's a restaurant equipment store on Parc that is open to the public. And if you go there, don't forget to cross the street to grab a savoury pie at Tourtière Australienne.

          1. I just saw the Linen Chest flyer...they have Moderno glass dishes at 50% off -