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Jul 17, 2012 07:35 AM

New York Lunch. Erie, Pa.

Hey Hounds.

A while back I saw someone mentioning Greek hotdogs at a place called New York Lunch in Erie. We were passing through the area around lunch time a couple weeks ago and decided a stop in to taste these locally renowned dogs.

First off, this place isn't for the weak stomached. It looks like both time and the health inspector have passed her by. It's a dive. No getting around it. I find that charming. Sometimes there's nothing wrong with a little honest dirt as Tony Bourdain would say.

Anyway, I had a "Greek" burger and dogs. They make a "Greek" sauce that is simply a hot dog chili that's similar but not quite like Cinci chili. It was particularly good on the dogs. Simple steamed dogs on buns with mustard, onions and the chili. Really, really tasty and a good value. Skip the burgers though. They come with ketchup as well as the chili which really just added a sweetness it didn't need and the meat looked and tasted like cardboard. Too bad there.

The only other diner in there was eating breakfast. Mrs. Sippi asked how it was and with a thumbs up he exclaimed "Great"!! It looked like a good solid diner, meat, eggs toast kinda breakfast.

Check it out.


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  1. I was in Erie last year as our niece goes to Penn State - Erie, Behrand Campus and we stopped at New York Lunch. It truly was a dive but it was great never the less. I believe they use Smith's hot dogs which are very poular in the area

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        We went to the original location though.


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          The address listed in the link you posted, 16th and Peninsula, is where we went last year.

          Where was it located prior to 16th and Peninsula?

          Hopefully we'll make it back for a visit next year.

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            Ha, wasn't paying attention.

            On Parade St.
            Here's some pix.