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Jul 17, 2012 07:35 AM

Bulk Salt(s) in Raleigh/Durham Area

I'm looking to grab rock salt in bulk in order to bake fish in a cake of it. Does anyone know where I can possibly find this?

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  1. If you can't locate bulk rock salt you can use any plain coarse grain salt for this method. Whole Foods and Earth Fare both have carried sea salt in bulk iirc. I have purchased rock salt in bulk at EF in Asheville but I have not looked for it at the Brier Creek location.

    If you have a Costco, Sams, etc. membership they sometimes have large boxes of kosher or sea salts.

    1. Yeah I guess Kosher would work. I'm in need of getting more anyways so I'll check with our next trip to Costco.

      1. I've seen salt in bulk at King's Red & White in Durham. I'd call first just to make sure.

        1. I've seen it in WalMart - since they sell the ice cream makers to go with it.

          1. The Indian markets have bulk bags of sea salt for very good prices. I recently bought some at Around the World Market in Raleigh.